ponedeljek, 31. december 2012

DAY 365+1 - reflect

More than 366 photos published on this blog can help me to reflect on 2012. It was an OK year - not excellent but not bad either. There are lots of good moments to remember!
Thank you again, Suzie, for organizing everything! Thank you everyone else for reading this blog and commenting much more often than I commented on your posts. You are real stars! I feel like I know you all personally and think of you as friends.
I am proud of us to have completed the challenge and of course I am joining the Lucky Snapping in January.
Have a wonderful evening tonight and a very happy and peaceful new year 2013!

nedelja, 30. december 2012

DAY 365 - end

This is my idea and sketch book for crochet, knitting, home decor, sewing and embroidery.

At the end of 2012 it is coming to the end. There are only 2 and a half pages left. As I love knitting and crochet most at the moment I might fill the remaining pages this evening and tomorrow and start a new book on the very first day of 2013 ( it is already prepared next to my yarn stash). I have lots and lots of ideas for Christmas decorations 2013 and I hope to realize some of them in January or they won't be realized at all.

DAY 364 - free choice

My brain is turned off these days and I found the free choice really tough. We burn lots of candles and tea lights so here is a snap of our living room table.
I can't believe we have only one day left to complete the challenge. Suzie thank you!

petek, 28. december 2012

DAY 363 - something I would change

First of all, I would change the weather if I could. This is no time for warm sunshine, wind and springlike temperatures.

As I can do nothing about the weather here is another photo of sth I can change and will --- eventually. My polymer clay table is dark brown and I find it uglier and uglier every time I pass. So one day - hopefully in 2013 -  I will tidy it up , take away the glass panel and colour it white.

četrtek, 27. december 2012

DAY 362 - special

There is a special Slovenian cake that I make only for Christmas and Easter, called "potica" . I've probably mentioned it before - the most common is wallnut roll, but we prefer hazelnut roll.

DAY 361 - delight

My daughters are very nice girls and my greatest delight. This photo was taken last Saturday when our second was 18 and officially became adult. I always baked their cakes at home up to the ages of 12-13 and I wasn't ready to bake one just before the holidays. But she said that she absolutely wanted one and so I made one with the only decorations I could find in my baking drawers.

DAY 360 - something on the table

I had no energy to take photos on Christmas day so I can show you only something that is on the table at this time of year (24th Dec to 2nd Feb) - some temari balls I made a few years ago.

ponedeljek, 24. december 2012

DAY 359 - mouth watering

Thank you everyone for visiting this blog, for writing lovely comments, for posting wonderful photos on your blogs and for sharing your life with everyone else participating in the challenge throughout 2012.
Merry Christmas and all the best to you and your loved ones.

nedelja, 23. december 2012

DAY 358 - festive

The festive season is finally here. I am busy baking, the others are decorating and tidying.

DAY 357 - something green

Mint balls mixture in a green bowl - I think there is enough green here. This yummy treat is easy to make - white chocolate is melted in boiled cream, some mint essence is added, the mixture must be cooled overnight. Using a spoon small balls are formed and rolled in sugar.

Merry Christmas!

petek, 21. december 2012

DAY 356 - something red

Today was the last day of school - we are free for 11 days, what a luxury. I got some small presents from my colleagues, some of them red, of course.

torek, 18. december 2012

DAY 353 - slippers

my new felt slippers

DAY 352- grey

After snowstorms it rained the whole weekend and it sort of drizzles today - it's a grey, depressing day.

nedelja, 16. december 2012

DAY 351 - wealth

There is a wealth of ideas in my crochet and knitting magazines and books stored in boxes and bags.

DAY 350 - blanket

Instead of a new blanket Saint Nicholas brought me this special pillow to "thaw" my frozen feet in the evenings.

DAY 349  - health

Well, Suzie will really challenge us to the very end of the year with tricky words such as health and wealth and obligations... .
Cards sent at this time of the year usually contain wishes for good luck and health.

DAY 348 - edible

Lots of gifts in our house are edible. My eldest daughter's pile is still untouched as she doesn't live at home but the rest of the family members have already eaten most ot the sweets.
I can't believe the numbers - we have only 15 days to go. Of course I will join the new challenge but this one is my first one and it feels really special.

sreda, 12. december 2012

DAY 347 - obligations

I am "reading" all those books at the same time - in fact I can't go on reading them because of many professional obligations that take lots and lots of my time and energy.

torek, 11. december 2012

DAY 346 - look up

Winter wonderland if you look up through my study room window.

DAY 345 - tree

DAY 344 - lights

There are no Christmas lights or tree in our house yet. We put them up on Christmas Eve. As for the presents - yes they have all been opened. We follow the old tradition that Christmas is just a religious holiday. In the past there was another man who gave presents - Grandpa Cold. He came from Russia on New Year's Eve. So you see it's complicated. Many families now have small gifts for Saint Nicholas (sweets and dried fruits)and presents for Christmas.  But in the countryside not many people like Father Christmas as it is also imported from other cultures. We mustn't forget that for about 50 years we weren't allowed to mention Christmas or to celebrate it. It was a normal working day until it became a holiday at the end of the 1980s.
Have a nice week,

sobota, 08. december 2012

DAY 343 - mundane

Last night our mundane existence was interrupted by the arrival of Saint Nicholas. He brought us lost of presents - it seems we were all good during the last year.

DAY 342 - comfort
Saint Nicholas brought me a lovely new pillow so that I will sleep in comfort.

DAY 341 - curly
This curly hair belonged to our second daughter. We don't know what happened to it as she has long straight hair.

sreda, 05. december 2012

DAY 340 - corner

The corner next to my computer is well protected with a layer of dust. Every picture and object here reminds me of somebody (well, not the printer paper) and one day I hope to arrange them on the walls in the living room and along the staircase.

DAY 339 - couple
Let me show you a couple of embossing folders. The ones on the left were used for my Christmas cards this year. For those of you who asked - they are made by Sizzix and are called Flowers, Stars and Swirls Set A2. I've made a lot of cards but I haven't finished yet and I will have to hurry because lots of them will be posted to foreign countries.

ponedeljek, 03. december 2012

DAY 338 - curved

A few weeks ago I bought some new embossing folders for the Cuttlebug that I share with my best friend. I think these curved lines are very lovely and just right for Christmas cards.

nedelja, 02. december 2012

DAY 337 - random asymmetrical

The other day I painted some stamped images using glitter water colours and found this broken mug for water. I painted it many years ago with Pebeo glass paints and markers. The design is free and asymmetrical.

DAY 336 - around the home

Well, I couldn't take any photos around the home yesterday because we went to St Andrew's fair in nearby Italy. It is our traditional family outing (2 hours by car) and we don't care if we buy anything or not - sometimes we are lucky to find some good shoes or clothes - but we always bring back pistachios, nocciolas (hazelnuts roasted in sugar), homemade coconut bars etc. We always get a little lost before getting there and it's great fun. I'm happy that three out of four daughters could make it.

DAY 335 - asymmetry in nature

Our neighbours' tree is very old and asymmetrical. I kept only the top branch in the photo because of electric wires. As you can see it is snowing quite heavily.

DAY 334 - debris
Almost all the debris on the lawn and in the garden is hidden under the snow.

DAY 333 - whole
I've been knitting and crocheting squares since springtime to cover the whole sofa and cushions. I've made quite a lot of squares but not nearly enough for the whole throw.

Have a nice week, Kristina

torek, 27. november 2012

DAY 332 - worn

In our country the presents are brought by Saint Nicolas (6th December)and I hope he will remember me and bring me some new slippers. The right one is even more worn than the left one. (I still prefer showing you my worn slippers to showing you my worn face. These were the two words suggested by an online dictionary - worn clothes and worn face.)

DAY 331 - lonely

A few years ago I made about 30 angels from polymer clay in different colours. They were featured on the cover of our main craft magazine Unikat. I gave them to different people as gifts and the only one left must be  really lonely especially because it lives on my polymer clay craft desk which has been deserted for far too long - but that's life.
Thank you for your nice comments yesterday, I do hope to post quite often during the remaining weeks of the challenge.
Have a nice Tuesday,

nedelja, 25. november 2012

DAY 330 - forgotten

This will become an unforgettable post - when I wanted to upload my 18 photos (aarrgggh another long catch-up)Blogger informed me, that I have no storage place left in Picasa web albums. I will buy additional space one day but not just yet. That's my punishment  for often posting photos that weren't resized. BUT I found out that photos under 800 pixels don't count as put into storage or something. So I can post again. So here is my photo of the corner in my craft room where many forgotten materials and craft projects can be found. It's better not to know how much money I spent on materials for things that were never started or finished.

DAY 329 - sad
Our patios look very sad without flowers, chairs, tables, colour, sunshine...

DAY 328 - gloomy
November days are gloomy - no sunshine, lots of darkness but I refuse to feel "gloomy" because of that. I can do so many things during those dark hours - I've started at least 8 knitting and crochet projects in bright colours.

DAY 327 - paint
One day I'll learn to paint. Acrylic paints, water colours, oil paints and dry pastels are waiting in their boxes to be used. I'll paint lots of flowers, still lifes and landscapes.

DAY 326 - crowd
I hate crowded places and crowds. My paper crafts table is really crowded at the moment but as I work there alone it doesn't bother me.

DAY 325 - bridge
Our nearest bridge survived another flood a few weeks ago. Fortunately the dead tree that got caught there didn't break it.

DAY 324 - free choice
I bought no Christmas papers, stamps or stickers this year but I couldn't resist these lovely embossing folders. They will come in handy for polymer clay projects as well so it's an investment and what's more they were really cheap.

DAY 323 - playful
I am often not playful enough and this was a really hard word. The photo shows what happened one Saturday when I played in the kitchen. Instead of a rectangular hazelnut cake I made these and even managed to take photos before we ate everything.

DAY 322 - books
I can't live without books - they really are my best friends.

DAY 321 - fence
It isn't a real fence - it's just the wall to one side of the above mentioned patio and it's made from wooden pieces for fences.

DAY 320 - uplifting
I find bright colours - yellows and oranges - and beautiful decorations uplifting no matter how dull a day is.

DAY 319 - nostalgic
I am not nostalgic about the past - I love my life as it is. It is nice to look at old photos - how young we were but life goes on and it's all right as it is.

DAY 318 - thoughtful
This is one of the most thoughtful presents I've ever got. I commented on this card of my fellow blogger, a lady who is extremely creative and nice. I met her only once in person as she lives in another part of the country. In my comment I said that I would hang such a card on the wall because it's so lovely and I didn't mean anything else - just that I love her work. She found my address and sent me the card for my birthday a few months later.

DAY 317 - refreshing
I don't like tidying and de-cluttering my craft corners or any corners in the house. When I manage to do it, it is a refreshing change.

DAY 316 - memories
 My memories are kept in a small cardboard box - I mean the few things that I really couldn't throw away. But one day I will make a huge Book of me - I will have to write a lot, I won't have much to paste into it.

DAY 315 - warm
Splodge blanket keeps me warm when I work on the computer  at home.

DAY 314 - ponder

This part of my craft room hasn't been tidied yet - there is too much pondering and not enough action.

DAY  313 - free choice
I am already looking forward to all the special Christmas cards that I will receive this year.

Thanks for reading the post and have a nice week.