torek, 31. januar 2012

Day 31 - wheels

Well, I wear wheels around my neck. Golden wheels!
I'm very proud today because I took part in the challenge during the whole month. Thanks Suzie for great prompts. I hope to celebrate eleven more times. I like reading other participants' posts - there are so many fun and original ideas and photos. I'll do my best to comment more.

ponedeljek, 30. januar 2012

Day 30 - collection

Love the word today! I collect bookmarks. It always makes my day when I get or buy a new one. Here is part of my collection. They remind me of so many people and places. And of course there are favourites among the favourites - like the magnetic one in the biggest photo which is really funny.

nedelja, 29. januar 2012

Days 28 and 29

Day 29 - kitchen utensil
I have to cook all the time, but what I really love is baking - cakes, cupcakes, biscuits, our national roll cake called "potica", all sorts of pastries. These are my favourite utensils, especially the silicone cupcake molds.

Day 28 - fluffy

You can't get fluffier than this ball-point pen that my daughter got a few years ago (the pen is hidden in the feet). For some time it was accompanied by a sentence that her friend picked from a cartoon and my DD found so funny - "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!" (American accent, pronounced loudly in a high-pitched voice). Luckily the phase has ended, but when you say fluffy I hear the sentence in my mind and see the pen.

petek, 27. januar 2012

Day 27 - amazing

The books in the photo are all amazing. And what amazes me all the time is the fact that writers create brilliant stories again and again when it seems that all the best books have already been written.
Have an amazing  weekend.

četrtek, 26. januar 2012

Day 26 - free choice

My school bags are having a rest this afternoon. I've gone for a walk, I've checked some blogs and in a minute I am moving to my papercraft table where there is work in progress. Lovely afternoon! Better not think about the next three weeks which are jam packed with work and to do lists.

sreda, 25. januar 2012

Day 25 - motionless

I decided against uploading photos of my daughter (from yesterday post) or my husband sleeping (their idea, when I mentioned today's word).
I've posted about the river near my house and the rocks and stones in it are motionless. The large one is exactly in the same place as it was many many years ago when I spent my summer on and around it.
While going back to the house I passed the bushes and the mini cherry tree in my border and had another idea - they seem so motionless as well, but they are ready to grow wonderful leaves and bloom.

torek, 24. januar 2012

Day 24 - motion

"You won't take another picture of me. Why always me? I don't want to be in your photos. My face is weird in the photos!...!" (siiiiigh of a highly stressed mother)

ponedeljek, 23. januar 2012

Day 23 - hot

I wish it was hot right now - that would be summer, the best time of the year.
 Besides radiators, teas and blankets hot-warm colours help me through the winter. Yellow and orange, for example, in this netted bracelet that I don't wear often enough.

nedelja, 22. januar 2012

Day 22 - glowing

I used to have mobiles which emitted (annoying)sounds to remind me of unread messages and unanswered calls. This very basic model only glows - or rather a corner of it glows, if at all, meaning that I often don't read messages for a long time or that I am woken in the middle of the night because of a blinking light which doesn't stop. Sorry for the bad photo.

petek, 20. januar 2012

Day 20 - sign

I laughed so much when I read the rules on this sign in Hyde Park in October 2011. I find it  incredibly funny. I couldn't think of anything else for "sign", so here it is - enjoy.

četrtek, 19. januar 2012

Day 19 - bad for you

The amount of students' work to read and mark - that won't do me any good, quite the opposite, with serious consequences such as high blood pressure, spots on the forehead/chin/nose and extreme sleepiness.
Tatjana (my BFF with a ton of brilliant ideas)reminded me that the pile in the photo should figure in today's post. Thanks again and thanks to all of you, my visitors, especially for all the nice comments.

sreda, 18. januar 2012

Day 18 - pleasurable

Books, reading, craft materials, doing crafts, sweets, nature, family... - can't decide what gives me more pleasure.  So at this very moment it is a little fluffy blanket with a black splodge. It is keeping me warm here in front of the computer screen - while I'm working (mainly - add  some Internet browsing from time to time to keep me sane).

torek, 17. januar 2012

Day 17 - naughty

Those feet and legs belong to my daughter number 4 who is always undermining her mother's serious attempts to document the simple daily life.

ponedeljek, 16. januar 2012

Day 16 - snack

I should show my morning snack - a yoghurt and some fruit. In the afternoon and at the weekend there are too many cookies and bars usually with some tea or milk. One can't feel guilty after eating some smileys.

nedelja, 15. januar 2012

Day 15 - generous

There are  many generous people in my life but it's impossible to capture this in a photo. The first idea when I saw the word was in fact "nature". Again and again it offers us its beauty. This is the (upper part of the) view from our kitchen window this afternoon.

sobota, 14. januar 2012

Day 14 - guilty pleasure

There are many - way too many - pleasures according to a certain annoying person in my life (not my husband, luckily). I think that the real one is browsing the Internet and spending quite a lot of time reading blogs, checking Pinterest boards and watching crafty videos. I love it and I am definitely not planning to change this one. 
Enjoy the day - I hope it's sunny and springlike just as it is in my place.


petek, 13. januar 2012

Day 13 - inside your fridge

It's quite empty despite the fact it's Friday. I prefer the outside - there are so many souvenirs contained in different magnets. So as not to cheat I made a mosaic.
Have a nice weekend,


četrtek, 12. januar 2012

Day 12 - translucent

Let me introduce my beading box which is - translucent. There is another paper box inside and all my beading essentials. I've suffered from bracelet-beadmania for over a year and I've already finished two pieces in 2012.
Have a nice Friday,

sreda, 11. januar 2012

Day 11 - an item of clothing

What to choose from all my boring winter clothes? I would need a personal shopper to help me with my style (non existing by the way - style, that is). I'm really not interested in shopping for clothes but fortunately there are occasions where I find lovely things without spending an entire day in shops. So here's my lovely cardigan from a Christmas fair - love the colours and the pattern!

torek, 10. januar 2012

Day 10 - metallic

This one was quite a tough one - I couldn't think of anything interesting except my iPod nano. I have to confess it was on special offer and when I bought it there weren't any other colours left. But I like it and it was a special present.
Have a nice day,


ponedeljek, 09. januar 2012

Day 9 - water

I should drink a lot every day and I never really manage it but I love water as a natural element. There is a river near my house and I miss it whenever I stay anywhere else. I love swimming or simply watching water. I caught some nice reflections in the river today. My personal challenge could be to make a snapshot of the river every day for a year.
Have a nice day,

nedelja, 08. januar 2012

Day 8 - cosy

Cosy is such a cute word and the time when I feel cosy is the best ever. In summer it's time spent on my balcony overlooking our lawn and the river. In winter it's bedtime. I always read in bed before sleep, never just one book at a time and there are always different notebooks and sketchbooks in and around my bed where I put down my creative ideas. Cosy is perfect.
Have a nice week,

sobota, 07. januar 2012

Day 7 - drink

I drink too little water and the red bottle was bought to remember to drink more. In winter my favourite drink is peppermint infusion without sugar and of course I start my day with coffee. At the weekend I use my favourite mug that my daughter brought me from Salzburg in Austria. In fact it's the only mug that's really mine.

petek, 06. januar 2012

Day 6 - frost

Welcome to my new blog. This morning it was very frosty but I didn't know that I would take part in Suzie's 365+1 challenge. Read more about it on her blog. In the afternoon I decided to take part and to start a new blog just for fun. I don't want 2012 to be another year just slipping through my fingers...
Let's start at the beginning - I want to do all the posts from the beginning.
My first photo is the warming up one - our Christmas tree. I follow the Slovenian tradition and put it up on 24th December and take it down on 2nd February.

Day 1 - celebrate
I celebrated by watching the traditional concert from Vienna, reading and eating lots of cocktail filled chocolates.
Day 2 - new
During the holidays I bought some books for my children and treated myself to a new sketchbook - I'll probably use it for beading ideas.
Day 3 - ugly
The ugliest thing that always makes me angry is all the rubbish that family members leave on our coffee table next to seasonal decorations.
Day 4 - pretty
Aren't those hand-made snowmen and angels pretty? I will miss them when I put them back into their boxes at the end of January.
Day 5 - excitement
I was soooo excited when I finished this necklace for my best friend. It was a late birthday present. I enjoyed making it.
Day 6 - frost
This weekend I'd like to organize and store all my Christmas card supplies unless I decide to make some for the next Christmas. I bought the felt snowflakes when all the cards were posted last December and it would be so nice to use them now.
Wow, I did it! I am up to date and really looking forward to participating in my first day to day challenge ever.
Happy new year;