petek, 06. januar 2012

Day 6 - frost

Welcome to my new blog. This morning it was very frosty but I didn't know that I would take part in Suzie's 365+1 challenge. Read more about it on her blog. In the afternoon I decided to take part and to start a new blog just for fun. I don't want 2012 to be another year just slipping through my fingers...
Let's start at the beginning - I want to do all the posts from the beginning.
My first photo is the warming up one - our Christmas tree. I follow the Slovenian tradition and put it up on 24th December and take it down on 2nd February.

Day 1 - celebrate
I celebrated by watching the traditional concert from Vienna, reading and eating lots of cocktail filled chocolates.
Day 2 - new
During the holidays I bought some books for my children and treated myself to a new sketchbook - I'll probably use it for beading ideas.
Day 3 - ugly
The ugliest thing that always makes me angry is all the rubbish that family members leave on our coffee table next to seasonal decorations.
Day 4 - pretty
Aren't those hand-made snowmen and angels pretty? I will miss them when I put them back into their boxes at the end of January.
Day 5 - excitement
I was soooo excited when I finished this necklace for my best friend. It was a late birthday present. I enjoyed making it.
Day 6 - frost
This weekend I'd like to organize and store all my Christmas card supplies unless I decide to make some for the next Christmas. I bought the felt snowflakes when all the cards were posted last December and it would be so nice to use them now.
Wow, I did it! I am up to date and really looking forward to participating in my first day to day challenge ever.
Happy new year;

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