nedelja, 29. januar 2012

Days 28 and 29

Day 29 - kitchen utensil
I have to cook all the time, but what I really love is baking - cakes, cupcakes, biscuits, our national roll cake called "potica", all sorts of pastries. These are my favourite utensils, especially the silicone cupcake molds.

Day 28 - fluffy

You can't get fluffier than this ball-point pen that my daughter got a few years ago (the pen is hidden in the feet). For some time it was accompanied by a sentence that her friend picked from a cartoon and my DD found so funny - "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!" (American accent, pronounced loudly in a high-pitched voice). Luckily the phase has ended, but when you say fluffy I hear the sentence in my mind and see the pen.

2 komentarja:

  1. Sweet little moulds and that is definitely Fluffy!

  2. Oh that is fluffy! Gorgeous!