ponedeljek, 27. februar 2012

Day 58 - tree

There were some clouds this morning - red and pink - but no mist. This is our pear tree in the garden. Last year it had so much fruit that three branches broke one Sunday afternoon. We love the pears, they are really delicious.

Day 57 -light

It's sunny and warm and my gardening corner in the storage room seems pretty. I'm really looking forward to spring, not so much to gardening.

sobota, 25. februar 2012

Day 56 - raindrops

If you put the word into Flickr search you will probably find some extra special macro photos of raindrops or rather dewdrops in which the nearby environment is reflected upside down. I clearly remember two I loved best - a tiny daisy and an insect. It is my dream to be able to snap such photos one day.
As for now, no sign of a raindrop here. In fact rain and raindrops always make me think of England and Ireland - of all those sudden showers. The photo is from Stratford upon Avon I visited with my eldest daughter last October. When we came out of Shakespeare's birth place it started pouring. Unfortunately no single raindrops can be seen in the photo.
I prefer the weather theme to Saturdays - they equal tons of dirty laundry to wash, tons of dust to clean, tons of household chores. But I appreciate the fact that we can choose.
Have a lovely weekend, everyone.

petek, 24. februar 2012

Day 55 - cloud

These are the clouds in my life that I love. I can see them from my window right now. As for the other things that are clouding my skies - I would rather think just about the silver linings, otherwise my post will be quite grey.

četrtek, 23. februar 2012

Day 54 - in the details

I tidied some photograpy files on the computer a few days ago and tried to make friends with Picassa. I ordered a great amount of photos from last year and somehow lots of them feature my tulips and daffodils. I'm glad I'm getting closer to scrapbook the ones I like best. Quite a pile, isn't it? The top one is a close portrait of our missing cat.

sreda, 22. februar 2012

Day 53 - ordinary

This week is certainly not ordinary - I have time to breathe, to create, to sleep. On an ordinary day there are tons of post-its to remind me of different chores. The two on my very ordinary pencil case tell me what to do first thing next Monday morning.

torek, 21. februar 2012

Day 52 - sky high

I've just seen other challenge participants' wonderful posts and I certainly won't be original. After a dull grey yesterday the sun and the blue sky today are really a great gift. This is the view from my craft room. It faces north and gets no direct sunshine but the hill opposite the house gets it all day and it's beautiful.

ponedeljek, 20. februar 2012

Day 51 - fragile

This tiny jug reminds me of my childhood. A friend of my brother's gave it to me - at the time her job was to paint those handmade jars.
It is very fragile, as you can see it is chipped in several places, because it moved with me a few times. Why keep it then? It's beautiful and it also stands for human ties which are easily lost or broken. I know nothing about this lady and my brother also lost contact with her.

nedelja, 19. februar 2012

Day 50 - fashion

I'm back with some catching-up to do. Fashion isn't my forte, I wear what I like, comfortable shoes and practical handbags. My daughters are better at it. For some time it has been fashionable to wear bright laces and to swap them so that each pair of trainers is special.


If our ginger cat had been more domestic he wouldn't have died so soon. We had him for four and a half years and were under illusion that he knew where home was but last year he simply start disappearing for a few weeks and in late autumn disappeared for ever. We don't know what happened, we still miss him and here is one of his last photos while he was enjoying domestic bliss on our terrace.


I do like some abstract art but mainly the masterpieces which have stood the test of time. I was really uninspired for this word and was looking for something abstract next to my computer. The nearest bookshelf looks like this, if you forget about books it is almost an abstract pattern.


Just normal bits and pieces - wallet, phone, keys...

I will be very domestic next week because of winter holidays. I am really looking forward to some free time. Hope you have a nice week, too.

sreda, 15. februar 2012

Day 46 - bloom

The blooms I was really looking forward to are gone - the tiny tulips and daffodils in baskets I bought a few weeks ago. I made a mistake of leaving them outside, under the balcony. The wind today and the freezing temperatures were too much for them. Everything went yellow and soft. So the tiny orchid - called Calimero  - which needed almost a year to bloom again is the only thing  I can show.

Day 45 - candle

Candles mean Christmas in our house. We got lots of different shaped and scented candles over the years as presents but never used them. They gathered dust on shelves and in cupboards until I decided to change that. So they are all used in December and the photo is from 2011.

ponedeljek, 13. februar 2012

Day 44 - friendship

I am not very sociable partly because of my job. When you work with people all the time you long for some peace and quiet in the free time. I've also often been deceived by "friends" who were obviously not real ones.
Eleven years ago when I had to change my job I didn't really expect to find any new friends. I was really lucky though. I met my new colleague in the English department who quickly became my BFF. We've had so many great moments together, we've weathered lots of hard moments and we help each other to survive the drudgery of everyday life at school.
So this post is to us - to our laughs, shopping sprees, journeys, holidays.
The photo was taken at the Paris airport exactly two years ago. On the last day of our trip we found out that our flight home was cancelled due to air traffic controllers' strike. We managed to negotiate places on a flight to a neighbouring country which was only a few hours' away from home. What a relief! The good thing is we've got another great story for our future grandchildren.

nedelja, 12. februar 2012

Day 43 - something from the past

My first thought was "I have nothing whatsoever" because I didn't know my grandparents and I decluttered the house seven years ago and threw away some stuff that I would keep now.
Then I opened a tiny box where I keep my few "memorabilia" and found the digital
pendant-watch I got for my confirmation. It was so beautiful and special and I didn't know I kept it. Then I found "English novel", a book from my student days, which was published by the English department of my university. I was also quite sure that I threw away all those books. What's more, my daughter number one is going to university in autumn and would like to study English as well. And next to that I found my "Memory book", that's what we called them and I don't know really what to call it in English. It was a sort of beautiful notebook that you gave to your classmates and teachers and friends and they drew something and wrote the date  and the name or perhaps some verse. The only reason I kept it is my late father's entry. He loved drawing and he took his time to imagine the verse himself.
I think everyone will have wonderful stories today as the prompt is pretty special.

sobota, 11. februar 2012

Day 42 - portrait of loved ones

They used to be like that and so as not to forget what a journey they have already made and how much joy they've brought I keep their portraits above my work desk at home. I can never be grateful enough for them.

petek, 10. februar 2012

Day 41 - heart

I'm not fond of hearts and Valentines. I can remember only one card where I used a tiny paper heart as an embellishment. I used to draw hearts pierced by an umbrella when I was a teenager. And I can tolerate the heart on the blue notebook only because of the background colour and because it was on special offer with the yellow smiley notebook which I love and use all the time.

Day 40 - compact

I can hardly believe it's day 40 already. I had lots of problems with "compact", I couldn't think of anything. Reading the other entries from yesterday inspired me. I've got two compact books. The Oscar Wilde quotes was a New Year present from my best friend and it looks much bigger than it really is. The other compact - miniature -  book is from polymer clay and will become a pendant one day. It was a surprise gift from one of my good friends.

sreda, 08. februar 2012

Day 39 - fence

It's a holiday in our country today and the weather is gorgeous. We celebrate "the culture day" in honour of our greatest poet who died on February 8th. So I had enough time to snap more photos of our half frozen river and the fence on my beloved balcony which looks wonderful with some snow on top. I'm looking forward to spring when I can sit there every afternoon for a few minutes at least.

Day 38 - damaged

One of the zips on this bag is damaged. I was very sad when I found out because it is my travel handbag. Once I packed 17 English paperbacks into it and took it on the plane as hand luggage. I would have payed for excess luggage otherwise. But the good news is that all the zips can be fastened from both sides and the bag can still be used. It went with me to London a few  months ago.
There is another story to add to the "damaged" day. My dryer broke down a few days ago. Yesterday my washing machine sort of broke down, so I couldn't use it and had plenty of problems with water and clothes in it. I couldn't start my mother's washing machine which hasn't been used for some time. Today our washing machine worked normally but someone will have to fix it professionally really soon. Some part is on the point of breaking down. In spite of everything I prefer to show my damaged travel bag but the day was damaged as well.

ponedeljek, 06. februar 2012

Day 37 - packaging

 Packaging is usually a nuisance - you have to think how to reuse it or recycle it or put in the correct bin, but sometimes it is also a work of art. I probably bought those chipboard letters mainly because of the stylish box which serves as packaging. I found out later on that the letters are really beautiful and I've already used them a lot.

nedelja, 05. februar 2012

Day 36 - rubbish

Polymer clay is my first love among craft materials but for a long time I thought it was totally rubbish. When at last I saw some masters' work (Emma Ralph's and Donna Kato's books)I was hooked. My polymer clay projects are having some time off these days (months?..., hopefully not years)in spite of whole sketchbooks of ideas. One day they'll call me back and another best thing  about this material is that there is no rubbish - none at all, you use every last scrap for one technique or another.

sobota, 04. februar 2012

Day 35 - liquid

Our river is hardly liquid, most of it is still frozen with lots of snow on top of the ice. It's lovely to be inside and drink lots of liquids - tea mostly but also juice. Just looking at the warm colours reminds me of summer.

petek, 03. februar 2012

Day 34 - interaction

I am interactive with students day after day, I use interactive Smartboard all the time as well. The dictionary says that interaction is also "when two things combine and have an effect on each other or react to each other".
The icy wind blowing for the last few days has had an effect on our river which reacted by turning into ice. This hasn't happened for many many years and it's something special.

četrtek, 02. februar 2012

Day 33 - button

The buttons I think about first are those on my washing machine, dishwasher, cooker and dryer. They are all white or black and not special.
Buttons for papercrafting or jewellery are colourful and lovely but I don't use them a lot. The two bracelets in the photo are an exception but such closures aren't very practical and I try to find other ways to make them.

Day 32 - accessory

This post is a day late because I couldn't decide which accessory to choose. My handbags - boring, scarves - few and boring, gloves - non existing... Jewellery - lots and lots, mostly made by me but  I write about it on my other blog Mlin nakitin. Finally I remembered my earrings which are totally neglected at the moment due to my long hair and also winter clothes.
When I - hopefully - finish this challenge at the end of the year I might decide on another one to do with earrings (a pair a day or at least a pair a week).