sreda, 08. februar 2012

Day 38 - damaged

One of the zips on this bag is damaged. I was very sad when I found out because it is my travel handbag. Once I packed 17 English paperbacks into it and took it on the plane as hand luggage. I would have payed for excess luggage otherwise. But the good news is that all the zips can be fastened from both sides and the bag can still be used. It went with me to London a few  months ago.
There is another story to add to the "damaged" day. My dryer broke down a few days ago. Yesterday my washing machine sort of broke down, so I couldn't use it and had plenty of problems with water and clothes in it. I couldn't start my mother's washing machine which hasn't been used for some time. Today our washing machine worked normally but someone will have to fix it professionally really soon. Some part is on the point of breaking down. In spite of everything I prefer to show my damaged travel bag but the day was damaged as well.

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