ponedeljek, 13. februar 2012

Day 44 - friendship

I am not very sociable partly because of my job. When you work with people all the time you long for some peace and quiet in the free time. I've also often been deceived by "friends" who were obviously not real ones.
Eleven years ago when I had to change my job I didn't really expect to find any new friends. I was really lucky though. I met my new colleague in the English department who quickly became my BFF. We've had so many great moments together, we've weathered lots of hard moments and we help each other to survive the drudgery of everyday life at school.
So this post is to us - to our laughs, shopping sprees, journeys, holidays.
The photo was taken at the Paris airport exactly two years ago. On the last day of our trip we found out that our flight home was cancelled due to air traffic controllers' strike. We managed to negotiate places on a flight to a neighbouring country which was only a few hours' away from home. What a relief! The good thing is we've got another great story for our future grandchildren.

4 komentarji:

  1. It's always lovely to find a new best friend- they are to be treasured!

  2. Ah Ah Kristina, I can recognize Charles de Gaulle airport.The day the French won't strike, I guess France will have been removed from Planet Earth ! Very sweet story, though !

  3. It's great to have a real friend to share things with