četrtek, 23. februar 2012

Day 54 - in the details

I tidied some photograpy files on the computer a few days ago and tried to make friends with Picassa. I ordered a great amount of photos from last year and somehow lots of them feature my tulips and daffodils. I'm glad I'm getting closer to scrapbook the ones I like best. Quite a pile, isn't it? The top one is a close portrait of our missing cat.

5 komentarjev:

  1. Oh- I hope your cat turns up soon. Our old cat went missing for a while just after my dh got her. Luckily she did turn up back home - very thin but meowing a lot!

    I hope you enjoy scrapping the photos. I love getting a new lot of photos back- as I'm more likely to want to scrap them!

  2. I like your way of sorting the photos. How long has your cat been missing

  3. I love Picassa, the search button is a great help when I can't remember where I have stored a particular photo, graphic or paper, and haven't a clue what the file name was; I can just type in the main colour and it pulls up all the images that match.
    Don't give up on your cat, you never know...

  4. My nightmare is to print and store my photos. I love taking them but organizing, no no no !