sobota, 25. februar 2012

Day 56 - raindrops

If you put the word into Flickr search you will probably find some extra special macro photos of raindrops or rather dewdrops in which the nearby environment is reflected upside down. I clearly remember two I loved best - a tiny daisy and an insect. It is my dream to be able to snap such photos one day.
As for now, no sign of a raindrop here. In fact rain and raindrops always make me think of England and Ireland - of all those sudden showers. The photo is from Stratford upon Avon I visited with my eldest daughter last October. When we came out of Shakespeare's birth place it started pouring. Unfortunately no single raindrops can be seen in the photo.
I prefer the weather theme to Saturdays - they equal tons of dirty laundry to wash, tons of dust to clean, tons of household chores. But I appreciate the fact that we can choose.
Have a lovely weekend, everyone.

5 komentarjev:

  1. I love Stratford- we usually go most summers but must try to visit all the Shakespeare properties this year.

  2. Hi Kristina, I hope you could finish your household chores and you enjoy your week-end now !

  3. I also love Stratford but it is years since we have been.

  4. I love Stratford-on-Avon too, beautiful place :)