petek, 30. marec 2012

Day 90 - humour

I can't believe it's day 90 already. I love people with a sense of humour and books that make me laugh. Humour helps us to cope with difficult or absurd situations and it certainly keeps us in good health. So I'd better laugh at the fact that I got up very early this morning and took a good snap of daybreak (the light reflections in the river were fascinating) only to find out just now that it simply disappeared from my new camera. The only thing I can do is post days 91 and 89 tomorrow to be up to date.
Have a nice weekend.

DAY 89 - daybreak

Yuppie - found the photo of the daybreak. Its "disappearance" has to do something with a photo being stored on the memory card or on the camera itself.
So here is our river at daybreak.

sreda, 28. marec 2012

Day 88 - 9 am

That was my classroom today at 9 am. Love that lesson because it's free on Wednesdays. In general love my classroom most in July and August and when students go home. :-D

DAY 87 - dinner time
I try not to eat too much for dinner. I sometimes have toast and butter but when I am stressed I eat too much of anything.

DAY 86 - morning routine
During the week I have no time for a routine at home because we leave too early. I drink coffee at school with some colleagues and we have the best time. These are our mugs waiting to be filled. There is a special one with Kate and William that was brought from London last year by a colleague. It belongs to my best friend and she is very proud of it.

DAY 85 - 9 pm
These days I often still work at 9 pm. The days are longer but there is so much to do around the house and also for school. Well, sometimes I finish work at about this time and then must absolutely check what's new on Pinterest and read some of my favourite blogs.

DAY 84 - bedtime
I enjoy my bedtime nowadays because the little people have grown up and I don't have a fixed routine. I love reading in bed or putting down some ideas for polymer clay or beaded jewellery. I can go to bed whenever I like and sometimes when I am very tired I am the first of the family to fall asleep.

petek, 23. marec 2012

Day 83 - clock

The clock on my fridge - just as all the other ones - goes round and round too fast.

DAY 82 - calm

Calm is calm water for me - our river at all times of the day or the sea for two weeks in the summer.

DAY 81 - everyday sight
That is the view from my classroom taken early in the morning.

torek, 20. marec 2012

Day 80 - quiet

I often listen to music when I prepare lessons or correct students' work but from time to time I prefer peace and quiet.

Day 79 - playtime

My daughters' toys are packed in the attic waiting for the next generation to come and use them. If they have some free time they play different games. In the following months there will be almost no playtime.

nedelja, 18. marec 2012

Day 78 - hobby

I have so many hobbies that I could retire right now. At the moment I manage to do some cards and some beading. And yes, I've had some time to bead this weekend.

DAY 77 - music

I've listened to the same music for too long and I have to buy some new songs on iTunes and update my music library.
 My youngest daughter has to practise very hard these days as she has an important competition on Wednesday. I hope she does well - she plays the organ.

petek, 16. marec 2012

Day 76 - bliss

Friday, lots of work done during the week, not much work to do at the weekend, three new magazines, lovely weather - well, that's pure bliss.

četrtek, 15. marec 2012

Day 75 - wild

The shrub that we moved two days ago was entangled with the rose that went wild. So we cut all the branches and replanted the (very)old roots. Hopefully they won't die. We'll see.

sreda, 14. marec 2012

Day 74 - unusual camera angle

This one was fun. I've made several interesting photos. I'd like to show just two  - camera straight up through the branches to capture the plane and camera straight down on my hair which needs to be cut and coloured really badly. Just two more days as my hairdresser is very busy at the moment.

DAY 73 - shapes in nature

Even after they they were left in the garden during the winter the sunflowers are special. I can't wait for the new ones to grow.

ponedeljek, 12. marec 2012

Day 72 - garden

What's happening in my garden? Not much, we are just moving a bush from one corner where it doesn't look OK to the terrace border. I remember reading an article about a famous private garden where the owners said that their plants should have wheels instead of roots as they had moved them so many times. I didn't understand at the time, but now I do.

DAY 71 - hiding

I couldn't think of anything for hiding even after I read the other participants' wonderful posts. Today is a better day it seems. When I passed my cookery books in the kitchen I thought - so many delicious recipes are hiding in there. So here is my collection of English, French and Slovenian books.

DAY 70 - plants

My orchids are in bloom again and the other plants are doing quite well too.
Have a nice week.

petek, 09. marec 2012

Day 69 - fuzzy

I had to check the word in the dictionary and was on the point of organizing a search for a fuzzy toy in the house when I saw this cute little guy on my desk. I just know that it was a gift from someone a few years ago but I really can't remember who. The face is lovely so it will be kept on my desk in the years to come.

DAY 68 - bathtime

It may sound weird but I haven't had a bath for many years. I feel sick and totally exhausted if I have one so it's always a shower for me. The word nevertheless reminds me of happy times when my daughters were very young. They enjoyed bathtime so much that it was the highlight of their day. There were always tantrums when I said it was finished. The bathroom was totally flooded and different toys were piled everywhere. As my daughters are all teenagers they wouldn't like to see one of their bathtime photos published. I can only show one of my rare bath products (given to me as gifts) that nobody has used yet.
Have a nice weekend,

sreda, 07. marec 2012

Day 67 - floor

Finally I can update this blog. The last few days have been crazy and I missed taking photos and posting about them every day.
The wooden floor is from our bedroom. I really like the warmth and the natural look.

DAY 66 - cooking

It's quick and easy meals these days. The pizzas are quite delicious.

DAY 65 - arranged

The figures were on special offer and I couldn't resist them. They are arranged in front of our living room plant. Aren't they cute?

DAY 64 - chairs

I made the covers myself from plain fabric and hand painted the patterns to match the two sofas. Those chairs are really comfortable.

DAY 63 - flat

No inspiration here and I borrowed the idea from other participants. It is true though that I really always wear flat shoes. Special occasions are extremely rare and the smallest heels possible  require a lot of effort to wear.

DAY 62 - comfort

We go to the seaside every summer. At first we used towels to lie on, then we bought chairs to be more comfortable and last year we added the "pillow" to be really comfortable. The same chair is also used all the summer on the terrace and I'm looking forward to start the season very soon.
Sorry for not leaving comments on your blogs, I will take some time at the end of the week.

četrtek, 01. marec 2012

Day 61 - grass

In spite of the warm weather during the day a small corner of our garden is still covered in snow.


The day itself was quite ordinary, very long. I was at work for 13 hours. There were some extraordinary clouds in the morning the day before but I couldn't take any pictures while driving. The pinks, reds and peaches were really beautiful.
Today I finally remembered what fills me with extraordinary joy - spring flowers which are fresh and strong in the garden after the long winter.


I am hopeless with umbrellas. They don't last long with me. Perhaps this new grey one will have a better fate.