sreda, 07. marec 2012

Day 67 - floor

Finally I can update this blog. The last few days have been crazy and I missed taking photos and posting about them every day.
The wooden floor is from our bedroom. I really like the warmth and the natural look.

DAY 66 - cooking

It's quick and easy meals these days. The pizzas are quite delicious.

DAY 65 - arranged

The figures were on special offer and I couldn't resist them. They are arranged in front of our living room plant. Aren't they cute?

DAY 64 - chairs

I made the covers myself from plain fabric and hand painted the patterns to match the two sofas. Those chairs are really comfortable.

DAY 63 - flat

No inspiration here and I borrowed the idea from other participants. It is true though that I really always wear flat shoes. Special occasions are extremely rare and the smallest heels possible  require a lot of effort to wear.

DAY 62 - comfort

We go to the seaside every summer. At first we used towels to lie on, then we bought chairs to be more comfortable and last year we added the "pillow" to be really comfortable. The same chair is also used all the summer on the terrace and I'm looking forward to start the season very soon.
Sorry for not leaving comments on your blogs, I will take some time at the end of the week.

3 komentarji:

  1. Really lovely photos- the pizza looks nice! I love the figures in front of the plant.

  2. Wow! to the hand painted chair covers. How clever is that?!

  3. The plant pots and the chairs are adorable !