petek, 09. marec 2012

Day 69 - fuzzy

I had to check the word in the dictionary and was on the point of organizing a search for a fuzzy toy in the house when I saw this cute little guy on my desk. I just know that it was a gift from someone a few years ago but I really can't remember who. The face is lovely so it will be kept on my desk in the years to come.

DAY 68 - bathtime

It may sound weird but I haven't had a bath for many years. I feel sick and totally exhausted if I have one so it's always a shower for me. The word nevertheless reminds me of happy times when my daughters were very young. They enjoyed bathtime so much that it was the highlight of their day. There were always tantrums when I said it was finished. The bathroom was totally flooded and different toys were piled everywhere. As my daughters are all teenagers they wouldn't like to see one of their bathtime photos published. I can only show one of my rare bath products (given to me as gifts) that nobody has used yet.
Have a nice weekend,

4 komentarji:

  1. Kristina, glad somebody else also had to check in the dictionary. I love your little toy !

  2. I'm a shower person too and can't really remember when I last had one! Sounds filthy doesn't it!