sreda, 28. marec 2012

Day 88 - 9 am

That was my classroom today at 9 am. Love that lesson because it's free on Wednesdays. In general love my classroom most in July and August and when students go home. :-D

DAY 87 - dinner time
I try not to eat too much for dinner. I sometimes have toast and butter but when I am stressed I eat too much of anything.

DAY 86 - morning routine
During the week I have no time for a routine at home because we leave too early. I drink coffee at school with some colleagues and we have the best time. These are our mugs waiting to be filled. There is a special one with Kate and William that was brought from London last year by a colleague. It belongs to my best friend and she is very proud of it.

DAY 85 - 9 pm
These days I often still work at 9 pm. The days are longer but there is so much to do around the house and also for school. Well, sometimes I finish work at about this time and then must absolutely check what's new on Pinterest and read some of my favourite blogs.

DAY 84 - bedtime
I enjoy my bedtime nowadays because the little people have grown up and I don't have a fixed routine. I love reading in bed or putting down some ideas for polymer clay or beaded jewellery. I can go to bed whenever I like and sometimes when I am very tired I am the first of the family to fall asleep.

5 komentarjev:

  1. I'm always the first in our family to fall asleep now!

    Love the mugs waiting for coffee time.

  2. lol Im the second to fall asleep ,most nights it is the snore monster that falls sleep did make me smile with your favourite class room time.

  3. Your classroom looks so tidy and orderly, shame that you have allow students in. I do love my children but that peace when they aren't around is beautiful.

  4. I used to be a teacher in primary school many many years ago. The children were 6 and they were a real joy, still babies for most, sometimes calling me mummy or needing a cuddle. Nowadays if you come to close to a child you can be sued. I love your photos Kristina and welcome back !

  5. That classroom looks so peaceful. My teaching days were like Annes. I'm glad I don't teach now.