petek, 30. marec 2012

Day 90 - humour

I can't believe it's day 90 already. I love people with a sense of humour and books that make me laugh. Humour helps us to cope with difficult or absurd situations and it certainly keeps us in good health. So I'd better laugh at the fact that I got up very early this morning and took a good snap of daybreak (the light reflections in the river were fascinating) only to find out just now that it simply disappeared from my new camera. The only thing I can do is post days 91 and 89 tomorrow to be up to date.
Have a nice weekend.

DAY 89 - daybreak

Yuppie - found the photo of the daybreak. Its "disappearance" has to do something with a photo being stored on the memory card or on the camera itself.
So here is our river at daybreak.

4 komentarji:

  1. Poor you, that's terrible when photos have a mind of their own.
    I absolutely LOVE the books of "le petit Nicholas", they are just so so funny !

    1. Thank you Anna for your nice comment - it must have helped me to locate the photo. And yes, "le petit Nicolas" makes me too laugh so much that I cry.

  2. What a great idea to take one of the books that make you smile!

    I hope you manage to reshoot the photos you want tomorrow.

  3. what a good idea Kristina and I'm glad you found your daybreak photo