ponedeljek, 30. april 2012

Day 121 - dessert

This simple no-bake roll was our dessert yesterday but it was made for the celebration last Sunday.

DAY 120 -lights
The lights in our living room and part of the handmade and painted silk curtains.

DAY 119 - handmade

There are so many handmade things in my house that I really didn't know what to choose. I decided on the kitchen curtains. I love the flowers and this green colour - the motives are inspired by Delft tiles (even if they are blue).

petek, 27. april 2012

Day 118 - art

I'm very reluctant to call myself an artist. I used to make lots of polymer clay jewellery and I'm taking a break from it for not very clear reasons. One of them is certainly the lack of time but it isn't as simple as that. Some of the books have titles such as "The Art of Polymer Clay". But not everyone producing polymer clay beads or pendants is an artist.
 I've been beading a lot since last summer and here is one of my bracelets  inspired by the colours of my real flowers - yellows, whites and oranges. The pattern is from one of the beading magazines. Some of the beading one can see in books, magazines or on the Internet is real art.
Well, it's Friday night and after a day full of household chores and marking students' work my brain isn't fit for deep thinking. Have a nice weekend, I will be finally able to relax.

četrtek, 26. april 2012

Day 117 - tradition

We are starting holidays today and it's traditional that I'm totally exhausted. Yesterday we had our 20th wedding anniversary and it used to be a tradition that my hubby forgot about anniversaries. But not this year. And it was confirmation day for my youngest daughter last Sunday and it's a family tradition to celebrate at home with lots of home baked cookies and cakes.

torek, 24. april 2012

Day 115 - tower

Love all sorts of towers, especially the Tower of London and the Eiffel tower . The tower of dirty laundry after a busy weekend isn't among my favourites. Just something to be done as fast as possible.

ponedeljek, 23. april 2012

Day 114 - cross

I am often cross and even more often people think that I am cross when they just look at me. So you  don't want to see that face. I brought this lovely celtic cross from Ireland, I think from Bunratty Castle.

DAY 113 - symbolic
For my big four-oh birthday I got a pair of earrings I didn't like (and I don't like the fact that the above mentioned birthday was quite some years ago). I returned them to the jeweller and asked him to make a ring. When I got it I wasn't a hundred percent satisfied as I imagined that the ring would be even all around and narrower - similar to the design of the earrings. When I got used to it I found out that the small stone at one end of the pattern keeps falling out. I had it repaired several times but then I decided it was hugely symbolic of our/my life. There is always a gap or a hole that we don't like and that's how I wear this ring - with a small hole which isn't really visible but it is there.

DAY 112  - precious
My most precious "possession" are beautiful memories from different travels especially if they are captured in photographs.

DAY 111 - flag
My very good friend gave me this flag after living in France for a year. I keep it on my notice board among other souvenirs.

DAY 110 - small
These flowers are really small now but I hope they will grow into rich yellow beauties.

DAY 109 - entrance

I love the entrance to the Tower of London or to any castle or stately home.
And that is another long post with lots of catching up. I hope to be up to date for at least some time.
Have a nice week,

torek, 17. april 2012

Day 108 - bold

So much has been happening in my life that I have to post seven photos today.
There aren't many bold colours in my wardrobe or among my bags. This lime green is very bold. I got it at a polymer clay workshop in France two years ago.

DAY 107 - tree

Spring is definitely here.

DAY 106 - alive
Last Tuesday the early morning sky made us all alive.

DAY 105 - coiled

This cable is usually coiled next to the computer so that the photos are uploaded very fast as I don't have to look for it everywhere else.

DAY 104 - petal

 Each petal is a masterpiece. They will fall off only too soon. Love this time of the year.

DAY 103 - shocking

My eldest daughter is finishing secondary school in June. It is shocking to realize that the "baby/toddler/teenager" is now grown up.

DAY 102 - elegant

These young people were so elegant at their prom. My daughter is the one in the purple dress - waiting to join her classmates for the presentation of their class.

Well done, thanks for reading the whole long post. Have a nice day.

torek, 10. april 2012

Day 101 - clutter

It's difficult to choose today which clutter to show. There is some in every room. These pieces of cardboard are near my craft desk. I put them on a pile to use in mini albums - as if. One of these days I have to take them to the recycling point.

ponedeljek, 09. april 2012

Day 100 !!! - gentle

The gentle leaves of our Easter tree are much safer in our living room than outside where the winds aren't gentle at all.

DAY 99 - lots and lots

Lots and lots of chocolate eggs and good food over the weekend.

DAY 98 - girly
That's my husband wearing a girly hat when we went for a walk back in January. He couldn't find anything else to put on his head.

petek, 06. april 2012

Day 97 - pastel

My eldest daughter loves drawing with pastels. She is trying oil pastels at the moment and this landscape is my favourite.

Thank you for your comments yesterday. It is nice to see that you are intrigued. Unfortunately the object isn't something to eat. It is one of Slovenian Easter traditions. This "bundle" of green boughs and wood shavings is carried to church on Palm Sunday to be blessed by the priest. I love the design - it is connected to towns, especially the capital - Ljubljana. The countryside design is without wood shavings. Apples. oranges or paper flowers are added instead. Although  I live in the country I prefer the town design.

sreda, 04. april 2012

Day 95 - noisy

Central heating pipes can be incredibly noisy when the heating is on for the whole day. If I start"listening" to the noise at night I can't sleep.

DAY 94 - teeny tiny
This teeny tiny polymer clay book is waiting to be mounted on a necklace. It was a surprise gift from my friend.

ponedeljek, 02. april 2012

nedelja, 01. april 2012

Day 92 - costume

Not one single costume in the house! My daughters' carnival costumes were always borrowed from a shop or friends and the few I made myself were given away a long time ago. I don't have a costume either. In the dictionary I saw the expression "national costume" and that saved me. This is a miniature headdress of our national costume. It was handmade by someone I know - there are only a few women left who master this rare craft.

DAY 91 - games

I have some very old and old-fashioned games on my computer but I love them and play them when I am beyond tired. My favourite is star collector.