ponedeljek, 09. april 2012

Day 100 !!! - gentle

The gentle leaves of our Easter tree are much safer in our living room than outside where the winds aren't gentle at all.

DAY 99 - lots and lots

Lots and lots of chocolate eggs and good food over the weekend.

DAY 98 - girly
That's my husband wearing a girly hat when we went for a walk back in January. He couldn't find anything else to put on his head.

7 komentarjev:

  1. Great photos- love the Easter tree.

  2. In Germany, we used to decorate branches like these for Easter.
    LOL at your husband !

  3. Lovely hat, but not a very happy face.

  4. Love the easter tree

  5. Love you photos Kristina. the tree is lovely

  6. Tatjana, my face is very nice:-)