torek, 17. april 2012

Day 108 - bold

So much has been happening in my life that I have to post seven photos today.
There aren't many bold colours in my wardrobe or among my bags. This lime green is very bold. I got it at a polymer clay workshop in France two years ago.

DAY 107 - tree

Spring is definitely here.

DAY 106 - alive
Last Tuesday the early morning sky made us all alive.

DAY 105 - coiled

This cable is usually coiled next to the computer so that the photos are uploaded very fast as I don't have to look for it everywhere else.

DAY 104 - petal

 Each petal is a masterpiece. They will fall off only too soon. Love this time of the year.

DAY 103 - shocking

My eldest daughter is finishing secondary school in June. It is shocking to realize that the "baby/toddler/teenager" is now grown up.

DAY 102 - elegant

These young people were so elegant at their prom. My daughter is the one in the purple dress - waiting to join her classmates for the presentation of their class.

Well done, thanks for reading the whole long post. Have a nice day.

3 komentarji:

  1. Love the photos, especially the last one.

  2. I bet you're pleased that you have caught up. Love your photos

  3. Lovely photos of the sky and your daughter looks very pretty !