ponedeljek, 23. april 2012

Day 114 - cross

I am often cross and even more often people think that I am cross when they just look at me. So you  don't want to see that face. I brought this lovely celtic cross from Ireland, I think from Bunratty Castle.

DAY 113 - symbolic
For my big four-oh birthday I got a pair of earrings I didn't like (and I don't like the fact that the above mentioned birthday was quite some years ago). I returned them to the jeweller and asked him to make a ring. When I got it I wasn't a hundred percent satisfied as I imagined that the ring would be even all around and narrower - similar to the design of the earrings. When I got used to it I found out that the small stone at one end of the pattern keeps falling out. I had it repaired several times but then I decided it was hugely symbolic of our/my life. There is always a gap or a hole that we don't like and that's how I wear this ring - with a small hole which isn't really visible but it is there.

DAY 112  - precious
My most precious "possession" are beautiful memories from different travels especially if they are captured in photographs.

DAY 111 - flag
My very good friend gave me this flag after living in France for a year. I keep it on my notice board among other souvenirs.

DAY 110 - small
These flowers are really small now but I hope they will grow into rich yellow beauties.

DAY 109 - entrance

I love the entrance to the Tower of London or to any castle or stately home.
And that is another long post with lots of catching up. I hope to be up to date for at least some time.
Have a nice week,

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  1. What lovely photos. I love the entrances to castles and stately homes too- they are always impressive.
    I also love the cross.

  2. lovely photos.I love the Celtic Cross

  3. Beautiful photos. I love the story about the ring. You and I are very alike in terms of thinking.