petek, 27. april 2012

Day 118 - art

I'm very reluctant to call myself an artist. I used to make lots of polymer clay jewellery and I'm taking a break from it for not very clear reasons. One of them is certainly the lack of time but it isn't as simple as that. Some of the books have titles such as "The Art of Polymer Clay". But not everyone producing polymer clay beads or pendants is an artist.
 I've been beading a lot since last summer and here is one of my bracelets  inspired by the colours of my real flowers - yellows, whites and oranges. The pattern is from one of the beading magazines. Some of the beading one can see in books, magazines or on the Internet is real art.
Well, it's Friday night and after a day full of household chores and marking students' work my brain isn't fit for deep thinking. Have a nice weekend, I will be finally able to relax.

4 komentarji:

  1. I love the bracelet- looks very intricate.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend too.

  2. It is lovely Kristina. The colors are beautiful. Have a nice week-end too ! x

  3. That bracelet looks like it must have talen ages to make. The colours are beautiful.