ponedeljek, 30. april 2012

Day 121 - dessert

This simple no-bake roll was our dessert yesterday but it was made for the celebration last Sunday.

DAY 120 -lights
The lights in our living room and part of the handmade and painted silk curtains.

DAY 119 - handmade

There are so many handmade things in my house that I really didn't know what to choose. I decided on the kitchen curtains. I love the flowers and this green colour - the motives are inspired by Delft tiles (even if they are blue).

3 komentarji:

  1. I love your curtains- they are beautiful. Your dessert looks delicious too.

  2. A no bake roll? Looks fantastic. How so you do that ? Love your curtains too !

  3. The dessert looks interesting