sreda, 04. april 2012

Day 95 - noisy

Central heating pipes can be incredibly noisy when the heating is on for the whole day. If I start"listening" to the noise at night I can't sleep.

DAY 94 - teeny tiny
This teeny tiny polymer clay book is waiting to be mounted on a necklace. It was a surprise gift from my friend.

5 komentarjev:

  1. Yep I agree, heating pipes can be a nuisance !!! I love your tiny book, very beautiful

  2. We have warm air heating, so no noisy pipes, no leaky radiators and it is almost instant.

  3. LOl wish I had listen harder to the noises in the night, then maybe would have found our leak earlier!!

  4. We don't have problems with our pipes, luckily.

    I love your teeny tiny book

  5. My cousin always used to have difficulty sleeping at our house because of the heating pipes. Ours creak sometimes.