petek, 06. april 2012

Day 97 - pastel

My eldest daughter loves drawing with pastels. She is trying oil pastels at the moment and this landscape is my favourite.

Thank you for your comments yesterday. It is nice to see that you are intrigued. Unfortunately the object isn't something to eat. It is one of Slovenian Easter traditions. This "bundle" of green boughs and wood shavings is carried to church on Palm Sunday to be blessed by the priest. I love the design - it is connected to towns, especially the capital - Ljubljana. The countryside design is without wood shavings. Apples. oranges or paper flowers are added instead. Although  I live in the country I prefer the town design.

3 komentarji:

  1. Your daughter is really talented. Seeing everyone's pastels today has made me want to buy a new set!

    Thanks for posting the whole photo from yesterday. I love hearing about and seeing different traditions.

  2. What your daughter did with pastels is beautiful !
    I love your Easter tradition. Why don't you explain us how to do it, if it is not too complicated? I would love having one at home !!!

  3. I repeat everything Anne said.