ponedeljek, 28. maj 2012

Day 149 - tools

My tools for working with polymer clay have been neatly packed for more than a year. When I have an urge to make something I don't have time and when I have time I often do other crafts or nothing. But one day...

DAY 148 - unfinished

... the shelf with my unfinished polymer projects will be empty.

DAY 147 - cleanliness

Last weekend I managed to dust the living room after a very very very long time. Cleanliness is not a priority but just something to do when strictly necessary. 

DAY 146 - boring

Hundreds of socks to wash and dry week after week... - that's really a very boring chore.

Have a nice week, 

četrtek, 24. maj 2012

Day 145 - soft

It hasn't been the best of weeks. I fell ill on Tuesday and my daughters are following in my footsteps. So hugging this soft cushion seems to lessen the sickness.

DAY 144 - artificial

These artificial decorations were glued to my birthday present. I like the colours and the fact that the roses don't look artificial.

DAY 143 - restful

The corner of my balcony is what I associate with restful  or soothing. I am hidden there from everyone, I have a wonderful view and nothing can disturb me.

DAY 142 - ornament

We started renovating our house exactly ten years ago. At first the new furniture was empty, without ornaments - luckily not for a long time. The collection is growing almost too fast. I love the French sayings on the ornaments - my daughter brought them as a souvenir after staying in France for two months.

DAY 141 - minimalist

These two hand-painted Japanese motives are the closest to minimalist in our house.

DAY 140 - interior
Last year I restarted crocheting and this year I took up knitting after 30 years. I have a special basket for my project and this is its interior.

petek, 18. maj 2012

Day 139 - flower

The season of tulips is over much too fast. These white ones are gorgeous - I don't have them in the garden so I bought a bunch.

Day 138 - group

At the beginning of may this group of flowers was waiting on the terrace to be put on the window sills.

Day 137 - candid

Another photo of my youngest, this time in a thoughtful mood.
Have a wonderful weekend.

torek, 15. maj 2012

Day 136 - portrait of a stranger

I visited Anne Hathaway's cottage back in October and I loved the garden, especially this willow construction. There were people in and around it all the time, so this is my portrait of a stranger.

DAY 135 - faceless portrait

My youngest daughter is a musician at heart. I think these two faceless snapshots are really about her.

DAY 134 - portrait of a woman

My sister is one of my favourite people. When I was younger she was more a mother to me than my mother who was old when I was born.  I love her relaxed smile here - she is about to eat a chocolate pastry from a small local bakery in the seaside town in Croatia where we spend our summer holidays.

sobota, 12. maj 2012

Day 133 - self portrait

All my attempts at making a presentable self portrait are unsuccessful so a recent photo of me with a filter will have to do. It was shot on my birthday when my husband really really surprised me by buying me a new fancy Nikon camera in my favourite colour. This is one of the first photos made with it and I like it which is unheard of because I usually hate myself in photos.

DAY 132 - unforgettable

I couldn't decide what to write about - there are lots of unforgettable things in 45 years. I finally chose my trip to Ireland because it represents an important step in my life. I went there alone for 9 days 5 years ago instead of having a huge 40th birthday party as is "traditional" among my relatives and friends. I loved every moment of it, especially because it was my first trip after 15 years of caring for the children and our home.

DAY 131 - sandy

My sandy jewellery was made from decorative coloured sand mixed into white or translucent polymer clay. Some of the sand was applied to the baked beads with some special glue.

DAY 130 - woolly

I have bought some crochet books to restart this craft that I mastered as a teenager and then forgot all about its relaxing effects. When I read "Cute Crochet" I had to try something at once. Meet my lovely kitty who is keeping me company at my work desk while I mark students' work.

DAY 129 - prickly

 This word was prophetic. When I was going down  the stairs to check the word for that day I noticed that some parts of this plant were dead. I wanted to break them off and found out that the branches are covered in very sharp prickles. You can see one in the centre. What I like more than my hurt fingers is the fact that my new camera has a special feature to make photos against a lit background.
Thanks for reading another long post and thanks for all your nice comments on any post.

ponedeljek, 07. maj 2012

Day 128 - woven

I keep some of my craft materials in lovely woven baskets.

DAY 127 - bumpy

I hope that the craft cardboard at the front qualifies as bumpy.

DAY 126 - rough

Some parts of our handmade bookcase aren't finished yet. The right door is still unpainted and the wood is quite rough to the touch.

petek, 04. maj 2012

Day 125 - smooth

I love the smooth river surface at different times of the day, especially early in the morning. I'm always inspired by reflections in the water.

četrtek, 03. maj 2012

Day 124 - beautiful

Tulips, daffodils, cherry trees in bloom, daisies, dandelions ... all spring flowers in the garden and in the meadows are so beautiful that I would like to stop the time to admire everything properly.

sreda, 02. maj 2012

Day 123 - futuristic

Touch screens, i pods, i pads ... seem very futuristic to a digital immigrant like myself. When I typed "futuristic computers" into Google I found a picture of  a rolled laptop and another of a wrist computer looking a bit like a watch. Wow, that is futuristic indeed! I wasn't sure if I could put the photos on my blog so there is just the one of my daughter checking something on her phone.
Can you imagine our generation in - let's say - 30 or 40 years if we are lucky enough to be alive using God knows what kind of computers? Twenty years ago I finished my studies using only a good old typewriter (not an electrical one).

torek, 01. maj 2012

Day 122- grunge

This word doesn't say much to me even if I know its meaning. I first thought of Tim Holtz and his "grunge" products. The only products I have from his line are distress inks and a few distress stains. So that will have to do for today's prompt.