sobota, 12. maj 2012

Day 133 - self portrait

All my attempts at making a presentable self portrait are unsuccessful so a recent photo of me with a filter will have to do. It was shot on my birthday when my husband really really surprised me by buying me a new fancy Nikon camera in my favourite colour. This is one of the first photos made with it and I like it which is unheard of because I usually hate myself in photos.

DAY 132 - unforgettable

I couldn't decide what to write about - there are lots of unforgettable things in 45 years. I finally chose my trip to Ireland because it represents an important step in my life. I went there alone for 9 days 5 years ago instead of having a huge 40th birthday party as is "traditional" among my relatives and friends. I loved every moment of it, especially because it was my first trip after 15 years of caring for the children and our home.

DAY 131 - sandy

My sandy jewellery was made from decorative coloured sand mixed into white or translucent polymer clay. Some of the sand was applied to the baked beads with some special glue.

DAY 130 - woolly

I have bought some crochet books to restart this craft that I mastered as a teenager and then forgot all about its relaxing effects. When I read "Cute Crochet" I had to try something at once. Meet my lovely kitty who is keeping me company at my work desk while I mark students' work.

DAY 129 - prickly

 This word was prophetic. When I was going down  the stairs to check the word for that day I noticed that some parts of this plant were dead. I wanted to break them off and found out that the branches are covered in very sharp prickles. You can see one in the centre. What I like more than my hurt fingers is the fact that my new camera has a special feature to make photos against a lit background.
Thanks for reading another long post and thanks for all your nice comments on any post.

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  1. Nice meeting you Kristina.
    I think you look lovely. Nicky is right, we see ourselves much worse than what we really are.
    I love all your catch up photos !

  2. Lovely to see your photo. It has been a lesson to me- to try and face the camera more often- I've loved seeing everyone elses photos!!!!!!

    Love all of your catch up photos- I'd love a trip to Ireland one day. My best friends daughter is going with her boyfriend as soon as they finish their A'levels.

  3. I love the photos and hey, what an adventure to go away alone.. I think I'd like to do that but it may take several days to get used to not being with the family and 'doing' for someone!

  4. Hi Kristina well done on the catch up, some lovely photos, love your sand beads and well done on your crochet too.
    Now we all now what you too look like :)

  5. great photos, i love the jewellery and your crocheted friend.

  6. I love the idea of mixing sand and clay. Great photos