torek, 15. maj 2012

Day 136 - portrait of a stranger

I visited Anne Hathaway's cottage back in October and I loved the garden, especially this willow construction. There were people in and around it all the time, so this is my portrait of a stranger.

DAY 135 - faceless portrait

My youngest daughter is a musician at heart. I think these two faceless snapshots are really about her.

DAY 134 - portrait of a woman

My sister is one of my favourite people. When I was younger she was more a mother to me than my mother who was old when I was born.  I love her relaxed smile here - she is about to eat a chocolate pastry from a small local bakery in the seaside town in Croatia where we spend our summer holidays.

5 komentarjev:

  1. Fantastic photos Kristina. I love your sister, she seems to be such a nice person and your daughter's earings are so great !!! x

  2. Lovely photos- I love the earrings too!

  3. great photos, the dome looks lovely...they have just done one at my childrens school, and the kids all love it.

  4. The earrings are great and i'm sure your sister would be smiling at the thought of a chocolate pastry :) Jen x