četrtek, 24. maj 2012

Day 145 - soft

It hasn't been the best of weeks. I fell ill on Tuesday and my daughters are following in my footsteps. So hugging this soft cushion seems to lessen the sickness.

DAY 144 - artificial

These artificial decorations were glued to my birthday present. I like the colours and the fact that the roses don't look artificial.

DAY 143 - restful

The corner of my balcony is what I associate with restful  or soothing. I am hidden there from everyone, I have a wonderful view and nothing can disturb me.

DAY 142 - ornament

We started renovating our house exactly ten years ago. At first the new furniture was empty, without ornaments - luckily not for a long time. The collection is growing almost too fast. I love the French sayings on the ornaments - my daughter brought them as a souvenir after staying in France for two months.

DAY 141 - minimalist

These two hand-painted Japanese motives are the closest to minimalist in our house.

DAY 140 - interior
Last year I restarted crocheting and this year I took up knitting after 30 years. I have a special basket for my project and this is its interior.

5 komentarjev:

  1. great photos, love the colour of your knitting.Hope you all feel better soon.

  2. I love the French sayings!
    Hope you feel better soon ! xx

  3. Hope you all feel better soon. Cushion cuddling can be so therapeutic.

  4. I hope you are all feeling better soon- your balcony looks so inviting.

  5. love your photos. I hope you all feel better soon