sobota, 30. junij 2012

A really long catch-up

DAY 182 - gothic
beautiful gothic script - in a French book about prayer manuscripts from the 15th century. I found a special card from 20 years ago from an old French friend tucked inside the book.

DAY 181 - silhouette
the reflection of our balcony fence with flowers in the window

DAY 180 - free choice

the real flower

DAY 179 - weathered
one of the soon-to-be-weathered boards on the balcony

DAY 178 - still life
That's what we've found next to one of the flowers on the balcony. I hope the eggs won't stay "still".

DAY 177 - sizzling
The email saved my day - I couldn't figure out what to photograph for sizzling.

DAY 176 -pleasure
A new patio to the north of the house, new chairs and table, a good book, some ice tea or coffee - that's pure pleasure.

DAY 175 -nature
Love the fact that the zoom on the camera enables me to see nature around my house in a new way.

DAY 174 - sunshine
I really love sunshine but can't stand people who always blame their bad mood on the weather. There's plenty of sunshine in my life even on the dullest days. But right now I can show you some gorgeous shadows from my lawn.

DAY 173 - same but different final day
The desk is more or less cleared, the calendar and post-its empty - it's the best time of the year.

DAY 172 - same but different 6
The files and books above my desk won't be disturbed for some time.

DAY 171 - same but different 5
When I write tests or worksheets there is no free space on my desk. There are lots of dictionaries and pieces of scrap paper where I jot down ideas (that's why there is a Xmas tree in the photo).
Thanks for reading this whole post.
Have a nice weekend, Kristina.

četrtek, 21. junij 2012

Day 170 - same but different 4

These days I am preoccupied with my work or with the weeds in my garden (they seem to be the only thing that grows well). So my "same but different" is my desk at home. One of the  annoying things to do is to sort the books that are borrowed from the school library.

DAY  169 - same but different 3

My desk is also cluttered with craft books or magazines. I have a list of beaded bracelets that I want to make and when I have new books or magazines, I add new titles to the list on my computer. When I want to bead a new bracelet I choose one with from my list.

DAY 168 - same but different 2

I have to refresh my rusted French - after an eleven-year break I will have to start teaching it again in autumn.

DAY 167 - same but different 1

There is so much sorting and decluttering to do at the end of the school year. There are different old papers and lesson plans to throw away or to put in a special file. 

Tomorrow is the last day of our school year. But I was lucky this year to be the class teacher of class 9b. Class 9 finished school last Friday - so it was a big day with a special celebration in the evening. I am happy to say that after all the hard work all went well. I'd like to add one last photo to this post. I was in charge of the scenery for the final day and I organized a special day at the beginning of June when every student had to design a fish and make a small present for his parents and for a school employee (a fish magnet and an easel box card). The idea behind this was - we are swimming into the open sea of life. 

The three waves represent 3 classes and the 3 fish on the right are the class teachers ;-D.
Have a nice weekend, hope to read all your posts and catch up with mine. 

.... OOOps, forgot to add the photo for the DAY 166 - face. It's my face in the mirror. Nobody else wanted to be "published".

sreda, 13. junij 2012

Day 165 - earth tones

The earth tones of the stones underwater - this amazing photo was made by my daughters around May Day at the local stream. I long for some sunshine and a few quiet hours somewhere near the water.
Have a nice week and weekend, I think I will be able to post again next week when the most exhausting days are over.

torek, 12. junij 2012

Day 164 - antique

There are no antiques in our home except in books and photos. Rome is a nice city to explore antique treasures.

DAY 163 - aged

This book was published in 1880, can you believe it? It reminds me of my father who loved collecting old things.

DAY 162 - neglected

This small patio - facing north - has been neglected for quite some time. It isn't even finished yet. The weather has been so horrible that I sometimes think it will be neglected during the whole summer.

DAY 161 - frayed
My temper is really frayed these days due to an enormous amount of work and consequently my hair lives a life of its own and is even more messy than usually.

DAY 160 - vintage

My craft dresser is quite old and typical of a Slovenian 1950s kitchen, at least I think so. I don't know if it's the best of its kind - as the dictionary says - but it looks nice and vintage.

DAY 159 - roadside

Last Friday I went to the seaside with my class. My BFF reminded me to take photos of the lovely lavender at the roadside.

DAY 158 - reaching up

Not many things are stored on the purple shelf in my craft corner because you have to reach up too high.

torek, 05. junij 2012

ponedeljek, 04. junij 2012

Day 156 - colourful

I can't believe that I missed the whole week of posts but I really can't help it either. It's that time of the year when I am drowning in work. Thanks for visiting and reading my posts!

The only colourful part of my garden right now. There are storms day after day and almost no sunshine. I'd love to spend some time on the terrace in the sun.

Day 155 - gates

No gates in my vicinity, not even at school. Is this a gate to our terrace? I don't really know. It looks more like a blind.

Day 154 - in the distance

I live in a valley and I can see lots of hills in the distance from nearly every window in the house.

Day 153 - isolated

This plant went through a crisis and is getting better now. The isolated bloom is a sign of recovery.

Day 152 - bargain

These boxes were really a bargain. I love the dotty pattern. They will be filled with craft materials, of course.

Day 151 - groceries

I dislike shopping for groceries. I'm very happy when these shelves are full.

Day 150 - messy 

The area around the computer screen in my  study is always messy - there are post-it notes, lists, pieces of paper and it is rarely dusted,  I have to confess. As is the rest of the house :-D.