ponedeljek, 04. junij 2012

Day 156 - colourful

I can't believe that I missed the whole week of posts but I really can't help it either. It's that time of the year when I am drowning in work. Thanks for visiting and reading my posts!

The only colourful part of my garden right now. There are storms day after day and almost no sunshine. I'd love to spend some time on the terrace in the sun.

Day 155 - gates

No gates in my vicinity, not even at school. Is this a gate to our terrace? I don't really know. It looks more like a blind.

Day 154 - in the distance

I live in a valley and I can see lots of hills in the distance from nearly every window in the house.

Day 153 - isolated

This plant went through a crisis and is getting better now. The isolated bloom is a sign of recovery.

Day 152 - bargain

These boxes were really a bargain. I love the dotty pattern. They will be filled with craft materials, of course.

Day 151 - groceries

I dislike shopping for groceries. I'm very happy when these shelves are full.

Day 150 - messy 

The area around the computer screen in my  study is always messy - there are post-it notes, lists, pieces of paper and it is rarely dusted,  I have to confess. As is the rest of the house :-D. 

3 komentarji:

  1. Well done for catching up Kristina. I love the flowers. You know what crafters say " Life is too short for housework !" xx

  2. the flowers look lovely and the plant looks nice and healthy now, with a flower too. Dust is a protective layer....no need to remove :)

  3. Well done on catching up :)

    Great photos, I especially liked the one of the plant. Jen xx