torek, 12. junij 2012

Day 164 - antique

There are no antiques in our home except in books and photos. Rome is a nice city to explore antique treasures.

DAY 163 - aged

This book was published in 1880, can you believe it? It reminds me of my father who loved collecting old things.

DAY 162 - neglected

This small patio - facing north - has been neglected for quite some time. It isn't even finished yet. The weather has been so horrible that I sometimes think it will be neglected during the whole summer.

DAY 161 - frayed
My temper is really frayed these days due to an enormous amount of work and consequently my hair lives a life of its own and is even more messy than usually.

DAY 160 - vintage

My craft dresser is quite old and typical of a Slovenian 1950s kitchen, at least I think so. I don't know if it's the best of its kind - as the dictionary says - but it looks nice and vintage.

DAY 159 - roadside

Last Friday I went to the seaside with my class. My BFF reminded me to take photos of the lovely lavender at the roadside.

DAY 158 - reaching up

Not many things are stored on the purple shelf in my craft corner because you have to reach up too high.

2 komentarja:

  1. great photos. Sorry to hear about your work load hope it eases soon.

  2. Great photos. Nice catch-up ! Love the colored shelves in your craft corner ! xx