četrtek, 21. junij 2012

Day 170 - same but different 4

These days I am preoccupied with my work or with the weeds in my garden (they seem to be the only thing that grows well). So my "same but different" is my desk at home. One of the  annoying things to do is to sort the books that are borrowed from the school library.

DAY  169 - same but different 3

My desk is also cluttered with craft books or magazines. I have a list of beaded bracelets that I want to make and when I have new books or magazines, I add new titles to the list on my computer. When I want to bead a new bracelet I choose one with random.org from my list.

DAY 168 - same but different 2

I have to refresh my rusted French - after an eleven-year break I will have to start teaching it again in autumn.

DAY 167 - same but different 1

There is so much sorting and decluttering to do at the end of the school year. There are different old papers and lesson plans to throw away or to put in a special file. 

Tomorrow is the last day of our school year. But I was lucky this year to be the class teacher of class 9b. Class 9 finished school last Friday - so it was a big day with a special celebration in the evening. I am happy to say that after all the hard work all went well. I'd like to add one last photo to this post. I was in charge of the scenery for the final day and I organized a special day at the beginning of June when every student had to design a fish and make a small present for his parents and for a school employee (a fish magnet and an easel box card). The idea behind this was - we are swimming into the open sea of life. 

The three waves represent 3 classes and the 3 fish on the right are the class teachers ;-D.
Have a nice weekend, hope to read all your posts and catch up with mine. 

.... OOOps, forgot to add the photo for the DAY 166 - face. It's my face in the mirror. Nobody else wanted to be "published".

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  1. I love the idea of choosing a new bead bracelet to make- on the computer.

    I hope your last day at school goes well- and the french refreshes quickly!

  2. I think this is a clever way of looking at this prompt. I could do same but different magazines for the week - brilliant idea!

  3. I absoluely love the fish as teachers. Do you know which one you were ? xx

  4. Lovely idea for Same but different

  5. great idea about the bracelets and the fish

  6. Hello! I am very glad that you took part in this challenge!
    I really wonder why you not here.
    Great pictures. The wait is worth it. Bravo!

  7. Great idea for same but different, good luck with teaching French next year!