sobota, 30. junij 2012

A really long catch-up

DAY 182 - gothic
beautiful gothic script - in a French book about prayer manuscripts from the 15th century. I found a special card from 20 years ago from an old French friend tucked inside the book.

DAY 181 - silhouette
the reflection of our balcony fence with flowers in the window

DAY 180 - free choice

the real flower

DAY 179 - weathered
one of the soon-to-be-weathered boards on the balcony

DAY 178 - still life
That's what we've found next to one of the flowers on the balcony. I hope the eggs won't stay "still".

DAY 177 - sizzling
The email saved my day - I couldn't figure out what to photograph for sizzling.

DAY 176 -pleasure
A new patio to the north of the house, new chairs and table, a good book, some ice tea or coffee - that's pure pleasure.

DAY 175 -nature
Love the fact that the zoom on the camera enables me to see nature around my house in a new way.

DAY 174 - sunshine
I really love sunshine but can't stand people who always blame their bad mood on the weather. There's plenty of sunshine in my life even on the dullest days. But right now I can show you some gorgeous shadows from my lawn.

DAY 173 - same but different final day
The desk is more or less cleared, the calendar and post-its empty - it's the best time of the year.

DAY 172 - same but different 6
The files and books above my desk won't be disturbed for some time.

DAY 171 - same but different 5
When I write tests or worksheets there is no free space on my desk. There are lots of dictionaries and pieces of scrap paper where I jot down ideas (that's why there is a Xmas tree in the photo).
Thanks for reading this whole post.
Have a nice weekend, Kristina.

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  1. What a glorious catch-up Kristina ! Well done and welcome back ! xxx

  2. great to see you back and with a big catch up. Your desk looks so tidy. Enjoy your time while your files are stored away :)

  3. Good to see you back, well done on catching up. I hope that work etc lets you come on more regularly.

  4. Great to see you back and caught up. Your photos are great.

  5. Lovely to see you again, what great photos of your life right now :)

  6. Hi Khris welcome back and well done on your catch up and especially today's word and photo xxx