torek, 31. julij 2012

Catch-up number 2

DAY 213 - stronger

What a day for Slovenia at the Olympic games today! Our judoist Urska Zolnir was stronger than all her opponents and became champion in up to 63 kgs category. It's rare to hear our anthem at the biggest competitions - but wow, it's so lovely. This rock, seen from the Croatian motorway, is the symbol of Urska's strength during the long day.

DAY 212 - dive

It is almost impossible to dive in our river. I don't even notice it these days as we really watch lots of TV. For the first time I saw men diving in pairs and am very sorry for the British competitors.

DAY 211 - heavy

My hubby has a yellow boat and he rows a lot during the holidays. Here he is still a long way from our beach and has lots of heavy work to do to come back.

DAY 210 - rings

My daughter took just this book to the seaside - but in English. She enjoyed the films but she also loves the book and doesn't have many problems with understanding the text. As for Olympic rings I love the ones hanging from Tower Bridge.

DAY 209 - fire

The sunset seen from our beach - as if the sky is on fire. I was absolutely amazed by the way the olympic fire was lit. So original and special.

DAY 208 - infinity

Hope you aren't fed up with all the holiday photos. The sea makes one think about infinity.

DAY 207 - multiples

There were multiple peaches in the tree just in front of our balcony.

DAY 206 - 1,2,3

One, two, three tree trunks captured in one photo during an evening walk.

DAY 205 - nine

That's photo number nine in our "seaside 2012" folder. It's the bay we see when we start approaching our destination. I didn't expect the photo to turn out so well because it was taken from the car and due to sunshine I couldn't see what was on the screen.
Thanks for reading the whole post. For me now it's back to everyday life at home which I also like - crafting, a little bit of gardening, doing nothing, watching TV and reading your amazing posts from the last two weeks.

nedelja, 29. julij 2012

Catch-up number 1

DAY 204 - one

I am starting with the last Sunday because at the moment I am very busy with watching lots of Olympic events - after a great holiday in Croatia. On days with the right wind there were lots of sailing boats in the distance and with my marvelous zoom I took photo of this one.

DAY 203 - three's a crowd

The beach wasn't very crowded this year - especially not on windy days when the sea is wavy.

DAY 202 - matched pair

Holidays are the best time of the year - we can put our (matched pair of) feet up and relax. These are my daughter no 3's feet.

DAY 201 - cheese

Well, you can't say cheese in the middle of the sea, when you don't know that your parents are taking photos of you.

DAY 200- airborne

A perfect shot for the future winter of our discontent. An empty beach at the end of the day, some waves washing the rocks, airborne foam - this will be magic to remember after a depressing dark November day.

DAY 199 - busy

We were busy watching the sea, swimming, eating ice cream, playing (electronic) games, reading and knitting.

DAY 198 - hero

Our hero on Monday July 16th - driving well and patiently. In this photo we are four hours away from home and we glimpse the sea for the first time when we come out of a 5 km tunnel.

I wish you a lovely Sunday evening and must check now what is going on at the Olympic games. See you tomorrow with the next catch up.

nedelja, 15. julij 2012

DAY 197 - literature

I've spent so much money on different kinds of literature in my life that I'd rather not know the exact amount. Books are my great love and I don't regret to have spent all that money.
As we are going on holiday tomorrow and I won't be able to post for the next 12 days (no Internet connection)I'd like to show more than one photo of my literature. There is also my best friend and her sister whose literature I can't show today - but we share different books all the time so the choice is very good. No need to go to the library.

Some of my absolutely favourite books.

My craft books - most of them about polymer clay techniques, but also quite some papercrafting books.

Some of my beading books.

DAY 196 - motion blur

My daughter in a green sweatshirt jumping up and down with a white JS Bach cushion from IKEA.
Must go packing - a chore I don't really like. Have a nice time and see you at the end of July with another huge catch-up.

petek, 13. julij 2012

DAY 195 - flower(s)

I crocheted these flowers for my dear friends who celebrated their silver wedding anniversary on Wednesday. It was a lovely afternoon. I wanted to give them "a bouquet" that will bloom for a long time.

DAY 194 - motorised
This was the most difficult word for me so far. Even when I read all the other excellent posts I couldn't decide what to choose.
My eldest daughter and me worked really hard in the garden for several days  - I could never post a photo with vegetables and flowers hidden in extremely high weeds - so I would really love to have something motorised to get rid of the weeds. A sort of gardening vacuum cleaner, perhaps?

DAY 193 - cold
During the summer our fridge is the coldest place in our flat. We can't decide to throw away the magnets from the time when my girls were much younger.
Have a nice summery weekend!

torek, 10. julij 2012

DAY 192 - shiny

This pattern on a 6x6 scrapbooking paper is really lovely but it is also shiny. In general shiny things aren't among my favourites but the colours here are gorgeous.

DAY 191 - delicate

Before discovering papercrafting and polymer clay I bought a lot of painting supplies to be well eqipped for the times when the children grow up. I gave some of them to my daughter but some are waiting to be used one day. The delicate soft artists' pastels are so yummy I could eat them.

nedelja, 08. julij 2012

DAY 190 - broken

The broken fence from our terrace is kept at the back of the house. It will be taken to a recycling centre one day.

DAY 189 - past its prime
Part of our hall floor is past its prime. It is difficult to finish all the "details" once the majority of renovation is finished. One just keeps saying - oh, yes, we have to do this one day.

DAY 188 - modern
I find this word so negative because of some comments we received when we renovated our flat. I can't add the intonation - but believe me, the sentence "Well, it's so modern"  can sound really awful. So no photo from the flat. It seems that wearing more than one earring in one ear is very modern.

Can't believe we've done 190 days already. Well done, all of us! Have a nice week.

četrtek, 05. julij 2012

DAY 187 - empty

I can't show my empty head (in full holiday mood) or my empty classroom (love it that way) so I decided on the empty space around my pasta machine. It means there are still no polymer clay projects in progress. I feel that I will return to my first love soon. The strangest thing is that I have  lots of ideas but no energy to actually start something or finish the few unfinished projects lying about.

DAY 186 - dangerous
The clouds around the "window" looked dangerous today but brought just a few drops of rain which is good for the garden.

DAY 185 - dirt
Our yard isn't paved so there is always a lot of dirt in our garage, especially in spring and autumn when it rains a lot. I like the abstract quality of this photo. I could make a pendant inspired by it. See what holidays do to me? I can start thinking about creating.

ponedeljek, 02. julij 2012

Day 184 - shadow

There's going to be a storm today, so there aren't any shadows right now. During the change of weather from cloudy to overcast I caught this shadow of my legs in our hall.

DAY 183 - grumpy

There is generally no lack of grumpy people in our house but at the start of the holidays it's kind of difficult to find the real thing. So our "slave number 4" volunteered to act grumpy.