nedelja, 29. julij 2012

Catch-up number 1

DAY 204 - one

I am starting with the last Sunday because at the moment I am very busy with watching lots of Olympic events - after a great holiday in Croatia. On days with the right wind there were lots of sailing boats in the distance and with my marvelous zoom I took photo of this one.

DAY 203 - three's a crowd

The beach wasn't very crowded this year - especially not on windy days when the sea is wavy.

DAY 202 - matched pair

Holidays are the best time of the year - we can put our (matched pair of) feet up and relax. These are my daughter no 3's feet.

DAY 201 - cheese

Well, you can't say cheese in the middle of the sea, when you don't know that your parents are taking photos of you.

DAY 200- airborne

A perfect shot for the future winter of our discontent. An empty beach at the end of the day, some waves washing the rocks, airborne foam - this will be magic to remember after a depressing dark November day.

DAY 199 - busy

We were busy watching the sea, swimming, eating ice cream, playing (electronic) games, reading and knitting.

DAY 198 - hero

Our hero on Monday July 16th - driving well and patiently. In this photo we are four hours away from home and we glimpse the sea for the first time when we come out of a 5 km tunnel.

I wish you a lovely Sunday evening and must check now what is going on at the Olympic games. See you tomorrow with the next catch up.

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  1. lovely post, looks like you all had a great time, lovely photos.

  2. Great photos. Nice you had a great time. Olympics events are terrific !

  3. Well done on catching up great photos.

  4. Great photos! BRAVO!!!
    I wish you a successful new week!