torek, 31. julij 2012

Catch-up number 2

DAY 213 - stronger

What a day for Slovenia at the Olympic games today! Our judoist Urska Zolnir was stronger than all her opponents and became champion in up to 63 kgs category. It's rare to hear our anthem at the biggest competitions - but wow, it's so lovely. This rock, seen from the Croatian motorway, is the symbol of Urska's strength during the long day.

DAY 212 - dive

It is almost impossible to dive in our river. I don't even notice it these days as we really watch lots of TV. For the first time I saw men diving in pairs and am very sorry for the British competitors.

DAY 211 - heavy

My hubby has a yellow boat and he rows a lot during the holidays. Here he is still a long way from our beach and has lots of heavy work to do to come back.

DAY 210 - rings

My daughter took just this book to the seaside - but in English. She enjoyed the films but she also loves the book and doesn't have many problems with understanding the text. As for Olympic rings I love the ones hanging from Tower Bridge.

DAY 209 - fire

The sunset seen from our beach - as if the sky is on fire. I was absolutely amazed by the way the olympic fire was lit. So original and special.

DAY 208 - infinity

Hope you aren't fed up with all the holiday photos. The sea makes one think about infinity.

DAY 207 - multiples

There were multiple peaches in the tree just in front of our balcony.

DAY 206 - 1,2,3

One, two, three tree trunks captured in one photo during an evening walk.

DAY 205 - nine

That's photo number nine in our "seaside 2012" folder. It's the bay we see when we start approaching our destination. I didn't expect the photo to turn out so well because it was taken from the car and due to sunshine I couldn't see what was on the screen.
Thanks for reading the whole post. For me now it's back to everyday life at home which I also like - crafting, a little bit of gardening, doing nothing, watching TV and reading your amazing posts from the last two weeks.

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  1. Oh wow wow wow, what a beautiful place you holidayed in :) Lovely photos and a Borqna type Bravo to your daughter reading in English. My boys don't even read much in English!!!! Grrr. xxx

  2. Congratulations to Slovenia at the games. Enjoy your time crafting and gardening etc.

  3. Lovely entries and what a great catch up on the photos, it looks like you are all enjoying summer xx

  4. lovely holiday pictures, and how great to have peaches growing. The sunset looks glorious too.

  5. What lovely holiday photos and it is wonderful to see your daughter reading "The Lord of the Rings" in English, so clever.
    Congratulations on the olympic medal in judo.

    I love the strong rock you can see from your motorway

  6. Lovely photos, great catch up.

  7. Your photo of 1,2,3 looks like the South of France. Lovely entries !

  8. Lovely photos, great catch up.
    Congratulations to Olympic success!

  9. Congratulations to Slovenia winning a medal and how wonderful for you to hear your anthem being played xxx
    Brilliant that your daughter is reading Lord of the Rings in English, not the easiest book to read!
    Lovely photos showing your country too and well done on catch up xxx