četrtek, 05. julij 2012

DAY 187 - empty

I can't show my empty head (in full holiday mood) or my empty classroom (love it that way) so I decided on the empty space around my pasta machine. It means there are still no polymer clay projects in progress. I feel that I will return to my first love soon. The strangest thing is that I have  lots of ideas but no energy to actually start something or finish the few unfinished projects lying about.

DAY 186 - dangerous
The clouds around the "window" looked dangerous today but brought just a few drops of rain which is good for the garden.

DAY 185 - dirt
Our yard isn't paved so there is always a lot of dirt in our garage, especially in spring and autumn when it rains a lot. I like the abstract quality of this photo. I could make a pendant inspired by it. See what holidays do to me? I can start thinking about creating.

9 komentarjev:

  1. Happy holidays to you xxx When you have recharged your batteries as we say in UK perhaps you will finish those projects and start creating!
    A very strange sky!

  2. I love my pasta machine. I don't use it as much as I used to but you cannot beat really fresh pasta. I assume that you use yours for pasta not polymer clay, although that would be a very good use for it.
    Enjoy your holidays.

  3. great photos, pleased the cloud only brought a little rain and enjoy your holidays

  4. Congratulations for the great pictures!
    Happy holidays to you!

  5. Happy holidays and it looks like you have our sun by the way! X

  6. Happy Holidays.
    Another household here that uses pasta machines for other things than making pasta !

  7. I have just bought a pasta machine from a charity shop. My idea was for clay but Roland said I ought to use it for gluten free pasta so I'm having a rethink for the moment.

    I expect you'll get your creating mojo back as soon as you have had a good rest.
    That cloud picture is unusual it would make a good frame for "something"
    The patterns in the dirt are very interesting