nedelja, 08. julij 2012

DAY 190 - broken

The broken fence from our terrace is kept at the back of the house. It will be taken to a recycling centre one day.

DAY 189 - past its prime
Part of our hall floor is past its prime. It is difficult to finish all the "details" once the majority of renovation is finished. One just keeps saying - oh, yes, we have to do this one day.

DAY 188 - modern
I find this word so negative because of some comments we received when we renovated our flat. I can't add the intonation - but believe me, the sentence "Well, it's so modern"  can sound really awful. So no photo from the flat. It seems that wearing more than one earring in one ear is very modern.

Can't believe we've done 190 days already. Well done, all of us! Have a nice week.

3 komentarji:

  1. LIke all your 'word' photos for this week x

  2. nice earrings, I have two earrings in each ear....I must be modern too :)