petek, 13. julij 2012

DAY 195 - flower(s)

I crocheted these flowers for my dear friends who celebrated their silver wedding anniversary on Wednesday. It was a lovely afternoon. I wanted to give them "a bouquet" that will bloom for a long time.

DAY 194 - motorised
This was the most difficult word for me so far. Even when I read all the other excellent posts I couldn't decide what to choose.
My eldest daughter and me worked really hard in the garden for several days  - I could never post a photo with vegetables and flowers hidden in extremely high weeds - so I would really love to have something motorised to get rid of the weeds. A sort of gardening vacuum cleaner, perhaps?

DAY 193 - cold
During the summer our fridge is the coldest place in our flat. We can't decide to throw away the magnets from the time when my girls were much younger.
Have a nice summery weekend!

6 komentarjev:

  1. Lovely photos, Kristina. I hope your friend has a lovely anniversary

  2. Your flowers are so beautiful, Kristna, I bet your friend will be frilled !
    Taking care of one big dog is something. Taking care of 2 is certainly double work, lol but they repay hundred times back by being so adorable !

  3. great photos, love the crochet flowers for the anniversary...and such a good idea for a motorised weed remover, you can get small rotovators to go between beds, but we stick with a 9 year old....bribary is sometimes needed but he does a good job :)

  4. What a nice idea, we once pressed flowers and made them into a picture to remind our family of a 40th anniversary.

  5. Love those crocheted flowers xx A lovely present!

    Love all your catch up photos from the daily word too x