nedelja, 15. julij 2012

DAY 197 - literature

I've spent so much money on different kinds of literature in my life that I'd rather not know the exact amount. Books are my great love and I don't regret to have spent all that money.
As we are going on holiday tomorrow and I won't be able to post for the next 12 days (no Internet connection)I'd like to show more than one photo of my literature. There is also my best friend and her sister whose literature I can't show today - but we share different books all the time so the choice is very good. No need to go to the library.

Some of my absolutely favourite books.

My craft books - most of them about polymer clay techniques, but also quite some papercrafting books.

Some of my beading books.

DAY 196 - motion blur

My daughter in a green sweatshirt jumping up and down with a white JS Bach cushion from IKEA.
Must go packing - a chore I don't really like. Have a nice time and see you at the end of July with another huge catch-up.

6 komentarjev:

  1. Have a great time away, looking forward to seeing all your pictures on your return. Great piles of books too! and your motion picture looks good.

  2. Great motion photo.
    I do love books too !
    Have wonderful holidays and don't forget to take pictures to show us !!!

  3. Have a lovely holiday :) Great sets of books xxx

  4. Have a wonderful holiday. Lots of my fave authors in your first photo.

  5. Have a great holiday.. with great weather we hope!

  6. Great motion photo! Have a great holiday -
    You'll miss us!