četrtek, 30. avgust 2012

DAY 243 - thriving

After some rainy days last week my flower beds are finally thriving.

DAY 242 - slow

Yellow leaves are appearing everywhere, a sign of the slow approach of autumn.

DAY 241 - textured

My sunset necklace consists of lovely textured pieces made in Kim Cavender's workshop.

DAY 240 - free choice

During my first full working week the craft boxes are on holidays - the knitted and crocheted squares in the butterfly box, the crocheted flowers in the dotted box, the beading projects in the plastic box and my beloved books in the striped box. It looks like their holidays won't finish any time soon. C'est la vie...

DAY 239 - edible

Well, this yummy dessert was baked yesterday (Wednesday)by my daughter. It's not only edible, it's delicious.

DAY 238 - purple

There aren't many purple pieces in my wardrobe but it used to be my favourite colour when I started primary school. I even had purple shoes then.

DAY 237 - footwear

My flip-flops have also gone on holidays. Meet my autumn and winter footwear for home.

DAY 236 - irregular

I'm teaching French to a small group of students this year (after a pause of eleven years)and these are the irregular verbs they will have to learn.

sreda, 22. avgust 2012

DAY 235 - star

The holidays are practically over. I am lucky enough to be able to work from home this week. My feelings and behaviour are the same as every year at the end of August. I am relaxed and full of energy, I've got tons of ideas for creating but no longer a lot of time. I am very reluctant to return to work. I've reached the "zero level". If I had another few free weeks I would create day and night. As it is, the routine will very soon prevail over creativity.
So for these "mathematical" posts I've chosen my jewellery again. Blue roses is my "star" bracelet - it always gets a lot of attention when I wear it.

DAY 234 - straight

The beaded fringe must be completely straight if one wants to see the flower pattern.

DAY 233 - triangular

My favourite triangular pendant is difficult to photograph because of shimmering mica particles in the clay.

DAY 232 - square

My favourite square pendant is usually worn with jeans.

DAY 231 - circular

My favourite circular pendant was made at Polymer Clay Play Days in Nottingham a few years ago.

DAY 230 - curves

I made a very successful collection of pendants using wire and Pearl-ex powders a few years ago. I used different motifs but the only one I kept has no motif, just some curves.

četrtek, 16. avgust 2012

DAY 229 - teamwork

Another catch-up today  - it proves how time flies. I've just realized that I haven't posted for a week. The holidays are almost over but I'd rather not think about it.

It's raining now for the first time after many weeks. My girls could swim and paddle in the river a lot and here is an excellent example of teamwork. Flip-flops can be used for many things not just for walking.

DAY 228 - unity

Another holiday activity is playing different games. Rolling the dice can lead to unity or to rows.

DAY 227 - bronze

Bronze is my favourite "medal" colour. I use it most when making jewellery.

DAY 226 - silver

Black, white, silver, gold and bronze are used for this necklace but  silver spacers seemed the best option to connect everything together.

DAY 225 - exhaustion

Even during the holidays I have plenty of to-do lists but they are pleasant. During the school year the lists grow longer and they eventually lead to exhaustion.

DAY 224 - gold

The pendants were inspired by Japanese patterns but instead of using the classic black and gold combination I decided on red and gold with some highlights.

DAY 223 - higher

This summer no new polymer clay necklaces will be added to the ones shown above. My knitted and crocheted squares pile, however,  is getting higher and higher.

četrtek, 09. avgust 2012

DAY 222 - determination

I admire the athletes who must be extremely determined to be able to take part in the Olympic games.
This pile of paper (to sort and recycle) is still on the floor of my study due to the lack of determination. I am way too busy knitting and crocheting squares for our living room cushions.

sreda, 08. avgust 2012

DAY 221 - hope

 I don't want to think about workdays right now and so I can hope that I will be able to crochet most of the flowers and squares from these books. Reality check will take place quite soon... but one must hope...

DAY 220 - relief

The words this week are tough to photograph. I found no idea  for relief yesterday. Today I noticed these two creams. They are brilliant - they offer instant relief from itchy mosquito bites or other annoying skin problems.

ponedeljek, 06. avgust 2012

DAY 219 - frustration

No matter what rules we agree on - the dirty glasses aren't put into the dishwasher by anyone and they clutter the work surface in the kitchen. It is frustrating especially now that we are at home most of the day.

DAY 218 - happiness

These two months always bring me lots of happiness.

DAY 217 - anger

That is what I feel when I see those plant which should be huge by now and ORANGE. I don't know what the company sold me but certainly not orange plants. They don't grow and they are pinkish.

DAY 216 - joy

Knitting, crochet, working with yarns bring me a lot of joy this summer.

DAY 215 - point

Needles with good points are important for good knitting. I found some old ones and I bought lots of new ones.

sreda, 01. avgust 2012

DAY 214 - faster

We went rollerblading yesterday evening as a family which is an extremely rare and unique event. Of course, everyone else was faster than me and what's worse they treated me like a disabled person when I was only a little slower :-D.