ponedeljek, 06. avgust 2012

DAY 219 - frustration

No matter what rules we agree on - the dirty glasses aren't put into the dishwasher by anyone and they clutter the work surface in the kitchen. It is frustrating especially now that we are at home most of the day.

DAY 218 - happiness

These two months always bring me lots of happiness.

DAY 217 - anger

That is what I feel when I see those plant which should be huge by now and ORANGE. I don't know what the company sold me but certainly not orange plants. They don't grow and they are pinkish.

DAY 216 - joy

Knitting, crochet, working with yarns bring me a lot of joy this summer.

DAY 215 - point

Needles with good points are important for good knitting. I found some old ones and I bought lots of new ones.

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  1. ohh i can relate to many of your choices :) i am currently working on a bedspread for our double bed, i was soooo frustrated when i ran out of the wool and the shop didnt have anymore... and the glasses,plates,bowls left in any other place than where they are supposed to be.. a constant battle!!!! my flowers all died too in the latest downpours weve had :(

  2. Yes the dishwasher is only any good if people put things in it!

  3. I dont crochet but I do knit so agree with the points and joy- I find it frustrating that I dont get as much time as i would like to knit lol How nice that you get 2 months of happiness too :)

  4. Mmm, dishwashers just move the moans from who's washing and wiping to who is packing or not! x

  5. Great photos. I can relate to the pinkish flowers that should be orange. It infuriates me too !

  6. I totally agree with the dishwasher- it's supposed to be my dd's only job. But if I want a nice tidy kitchen I have to do it myself!

    My poor plants all gave up the ghost whilst we were away- apart from one planter. That one is growing an incredible weed- it was all fresh soil and new planters a couple of months ago- so it's sprouted by magic!