četrtek, 16. avgust 2012

DAY 229 - teamwork

Another catch-up today  - it proves how time flies. I've just realized that I haven't posted for a week. The holidays are almost over but I'd rather not think about it.

It's raining now for the first time after many weeks. My girls could swim and paddle in the river a lot and here is an excellent example of teamwork. Flip-flops can be used for many things not just for walking.

DAY 228 - unity

Another holiday activity is playing different games. Rolling the dice can lead to unity or to rows.

DAY 227 - bronze

Bronze is my favourite "medal" colour. I use it most when making jewellery.

DAY 226 - silver

Black, white, silver, gold and bronze are used for this necklace but  silver spacers seemed the best option to connect everything together.

DAY 225 - exhaustion

Even during the holidays I have plenty of to-do lists but they are pleasant. During the school year the lists grow longer and they eventually lead to exhaustion.

DAY 224 - gold

The pendants were inspired by Japanese patterns but instead of using the classic black and gold combination I decided on red and gold with some highlights.

DAY 223 - higher

This summer no new polymer clay necklaces will be added to the ones shown above. My knitted and crocheted squares pile, however,  is getting higher and higher.

6 komentarjev:

  1. Your photos are great. I love the jewellery and the piles of crotched squares. It looks like the family are having a great holiday

  2. What a fantastic catch-up. Great photos. So nice that you had a nice family holiday !

  3. I love your necklaces and your first two photos remind me so much of lazy summer days when I was at home and didn't have cooking, washing and the garden to fill my time.

  4. great photos, i know so well the pile of lists

  5. I love the look of those knitted and crocheted squares. I so wish i could crotchet, but I cannot!

    Lovely photos, well done for catching up! xx

  6. Lovely pictures showing all your lovely holiday activities.. x