sreda, 22. avgust 2012

DAY 235 - star

The holidays are practically over. I am lucky enough to be able to work from home this week. My feelings and behaviour are the same as every year at the end of August. I am relaxed and full of energy, I've got tons of ideas for creating but no longer a lot of time. I am very reluctant to return to work. I've reached the "zero level". If I had another few free weeks I would create day and night. As it is, the routine will very soon prevail over creativity.
So for these "mathematical" posts I've chosen my jewellery again. Blue roses is my "star" bracelet - it always gets a lot of attention when I wear it.

DAY 234 - straight

The beaded fringe must be completely straight if one wants to see the flower pattern.

DAY 233 - triangular

My favourite triangular pendant is difficult to photograph because of shimmering mica particles in the clay.

DAY 232 - square

My favourite square pendant is usually worn with jeans.

DAY 231 - circular

My favourite circular pendant was made at Polymer Clay Play Days in Nottingham a few years ago.

DAY 230 - curves

I made a very successful collection of pendants using wire and Pearl-ex powders a few years ago. I used different motifs but the only one I kept has no motif, just some curves.

3 komentarji:

  1. beautiful jewellery, I particularly like the blue roses.

  2. So wonderful you could use your jewellery for so many prompts. It is incredibly beautiful !