četrtek, 30. avgust 2012

DAY 243 - thriving

After some rainy days last week my flower beds are finally thriving.

DAY 242 - slow

Yellow leaves are appearing everywhere, a sign of the slow approach of autumn.

DAY 241 - textured

My sunset necklace consists of lovely textured pieces made in Kim Cavender's workshop.

DAY 240 - free choice

During my first full working week the craft boxes are on holidays - the knitted and crocheted squares in the butterfly box, the crocheted flowers in the dotted box, the beading projects in the plastic box and my beloved books in the striped box. It looks like their holidays won't finish any time soon. C'est la vie...

DAY 239 - edible

Well, this yummy dessert was baked yesterday (Wednesday)by my daughter. It's not only edible, it's delicious.

DAY 238 - purple

There aren't many purple pieces in my wardrobe but it used to be my favourite colour when I started primary school. I even had purple shoes then.

DAY 237 - footwear

My flip-flops have also gone on holidays. Meet my autumn and winter footwear for home.

DAY 236 - irregular

I'm teaching French to a small group of students this year (after a pause of eleven years)and these are the irregular verbs they will have to learn.

5 komentarjev:

  1. I love it when you have a week's prompts together.. a nice snapshot of your life x

  2. Great photos, I love the flowers and the dessert looks yummy. Shame your craft things have gone on holiday, hope your work goes well and the students enjoy studying their French with you. As for the signs of autumn, they seem to be coming round far too quickly.

  3. Ditto as KathiJo, very interesting to have a week of photos together.

  4. Kris some great thoughtful photos for this week, especially slow and irregular, hope the holiday for those boxes has a mini break soon!!!

  5. Great goals for the challenge! Bravo!
    Have a sunny weekend!