ponedeljek, 10. september 2012

Day 254 - legs

The stool was made by my late father and he insisted on adding legs while I wanted just a red die with white dots.

DAY 253 - feet

My daughter inherited my triangular feet.

DAY 252 - eyes

my second pair of eyes

DAY 251 - hands

I don't really like these "body parts" posts. They are embarrassing. My hands look very old, I just hope I will be able to create using them for a long time, no matter how they look.

DAY 250 - colour

To celebrate day 250 have a look at all the colours in my garden. Just lovely, isn't it?

DAY 249 - something you wear

I always wear some clips because of my thick and unruly hair.

DAY 248 - twisted

This necklace looks best when the crocheted strands are twisted.

DAY 247 - outside

When I went shopping for clothes with my daughters last weekend I fell in love with those buckets and now they are waiting to be filled with autumn flowers and put outside (on wooden barrels in front of the entrance).

It seems that I can't follow the challenge day by day any more - I have so much to do. I will do my best to catch the rhythm as writing long catch-up posts takes me quite some time as well.
I hope you are all well and enjoying autumn and (perhaps) new beginnings.

5 komentarjev:

  1. Nice catch-up. b
    Beautiful flowers and I love your buckets too !

  2. I am very glad of your photos - perfect! Glasses and towels - amazing!
    Beautiful flowers - Yes!!
    Great catching up!

  3. love the buckets, I too think my hands look old....but like you say they gets lots of use everyday.

  4. I agree Kris I don't like body parts either! Well done on catch up xxx