torek, 25. september 2012

DAY 269 - vivid

I love the vivid colours of autumn flowers.

DAY 268 - favourite colours

I have different favourite colours depending on the situation - in the kitchen I love yellows, oranges and whites.

DAY 267 - on your desk

The baskets on my craft desk are for the workshops on some basic polymer clay techniques.

DAY 266 - a random item

I generally don't like hearts in any form - but when I saw this crochet pattern in a German magazine I decided to make a new cloth for the living room coffee table.

DAY 265 - fruit

DAY 264 - backlit

DAY 263 - negative space

There isn't as much negative space in this photo as in the previous one.

DAY 262 - bug

One of the many many things that bug me is junk mail - first the quantitiy that we receive and then the piles that are left everywhere in the house even if all the family members have been kindly and less kindly asked continuously to put them in one place so that they can be taken to the recycling bin every week. I could do a fortnight of posts on things that bug me at home and another one on "eeks" from work.

I love the fact that September is nearly over, I am looking forward to October. All the best, Kristina.

10 komentarjev:

  1. the lace table cover looks very clever.. and why don't you like September?

    1. Because I find the beginning of a new school year exhausting - and I still remember the lazy days of August. October is less crazy and it ends with a week of holidays.

  2. "eeks" from work? I can relate to that. Lovely photos.

  3. Lovely photos Kristina. Love the kitchen colors, very smoothing. xx

  4. I love the heart crocheted cloth and the baskets look very useful.

  5. Kris I hate September and the end of summer :( Love your crocheted table cloth, clever you xx My kitchen is now these colours too!!

  6. I too love the colours of Autumn. Well done on all your catch up.

  7. I love your crotcheted cloth, you must have been sniggering at my attempts!

    The colours in your kitchen must be so soothing.

    Great catch-up I love September but not the mayhem, I agree October is better! xxx

  8. ... there is a song -
    Green Day - "Wake Me Up When September Ends"
    Great catch-up!


    check it out :)