torek, 30. oktober 2012

DAY 304 - quirky

Welcome to another loooooong post. But hurray - we are over number 300 and we are still here.
quirky - that's how my daughters document their cooking experiments

DAY 303
Exactly a year ago I admired this statue at the British Museum in London.

DAY 302 and 300
This is the time when it starts getting dark. I miss the summer! The orange calendar and clock contrast nicely with my background photo (Cliffs of Moher in Ireland).

DAY 301 - crooked

DAY 299 - heartwarming
my daughter's music

DAY 298 - free choice
Lots of knitted and crocheted squares will be needed to cover those cushions for our living room.

DAY 297 - black and white family portrait
This is all the family that is at home at the moment - enjoying some music.

DAY 296 - black and white repeating pattern
my very ordinary plastic basket for scrapbook papers

DAY 295 - black and white close-up
Plenty of inks are waiting for some action on my craft desk.

DAY 294 - black and white portrait
It's autumn break this week in our country and there is far too much free time for staring into the computer screen.

DAY 293 - black and white landscape
Love the irony here - the original photo is full of orange-yellow-gold-russet colours.

DAY 292 - public transport
I waited for a few minutes in front of the window hoping to catch a bus - but during the holidays there is almost no public transport through our valley. The white car was the only means of transport.

DAY 291 - pipes

DAY 290 - cement
Hopefully the cement pots will survive the winter well (yes, that is snow in there).

DAY 289 - door
hand-made and hand-painted and half finished door in my craft room

DAY 288 - chimneys

DAY 287 - street scene
not much of a street, not much to say about it

DAY 286 - architecture
Venice is just 3 hours away from my village - my daughter took this picture on her school trip in May.

DAY 285 - distant
The snow on the hill reminds me that summer is just a distant memory.

DAY 284 - barren
At the moment the beds in the garden are barren - with the exception of parsley which has grown into a real bush.

That were 20 photos for 21 days, ladies. Every few days I read your brilliant posts but otherwise it was a crazy month. I am trying to recover this week - the end of the school year is still too far away so I can't afford to be exhausted just yet.
Have a nice week, Kristina

5 komentarjev:

  1. great catch up, love the black and white portrait pictures.

  2. Well done Kristina, always nice to hear from you. Beautiful pictures, The one in Venice is stunning ! Take care and try to recover a bit. xxx

  3. Wow Kristina that was quite a catch up, Hopefully we will see you daily soon?

  4. Yes you're still here and thats great. wonderful catch up.

  5. Great catch up, I have been doing that too :)

    I love the architecture one especially :) x