petek, 02. november 2012

DAY 307 - primary colours

lots of primary colours on my grammar books shelf

DAY 306 - tree

In spite of the snow and all the rain our pear tree still has green leaves.

DAY 305 - fear

I fear that I will run out of time again so I've already started making Christmas cards. The pile is slowly growing - there are about 25.

5 komentarjev:

  1. well done on the christmas cards- thats very organised :)

  2. Hello Kristina,
    great catch up. I admire you, I didn't even start thinking about making Xmas cards !

    We are getting ready for next year and started chatting about what to do. I guess you would like to stay with us, so this is what to do .

    Go to and register. You just need a username and a password.

    Once you have done that, this is the place where we will meet to chat :


  3. Hi Kris well done on your catch up, like your interpretaion of fear :)

    Would love your email, mine is

  4. Kristina, it is lovely to see you again. Great catch up.
    Well done with the Christmas cards.

  5. Great to see you and well done on the Christmas cards, I got my christmas paper out again today to start :) x