nedelja, 25. november 2012

DAY 330 - forgotten

This will become an unforgettable post - when I wanted to upload my 18 photos (aarrgggh another long catch-up)Blogger informed me, that I have no storage place left in Picasa web albums. I will buy additional space one day but not just yet. That's my punishment  for often posting photos that weren't resized. BUT I found out that photos under 800 pixels don't count as put into storage or something. So I can post again. So here is my photo of the corner in my craft room where many forgotten materials and craft projects can be found. It's better not to know how much money I spent on materials for things that were never started or finished.

DAY 329 - sad
Our patios look very sad without flowers, chairs, tables, colour, sunshine...

DAY 328 - gloomy
November days are gloomy - no sunshine, lots of darkness but I refuse to feel "gloomy" because of that. I can do so many things during those dark hours - I've started at least 8 knitting and crochet projects in bright colours.

DAY 327 - paint
One day I'll learn to paint. Acrylic paints, water colours, oil paints and dry pastels are waiting in their boxes to be used. I'll paint lots of flowers, still lifes and landscapes.

DAY 326 - crowd
I hate crowded places and crowds. My paper crafts table is really crowded at the moment but as I work there alone it doesn't bother me.

DAY 325 - bridge
Our nearest bridge survived another flood a few weeks ago. Fortunately the dead tree that got caught there didn't break it.

DAY 324 - free choice
I bought no Christmas papers, stamps or stickers this year but I couldn't resist these lovely embossing folders. They will come in handy for polymer clay projects as well so it's an investment and what's more they were really cheap.

DAY 323 - playful
I am often not playful enough and this was a really hard word. The photo shows what happened one Saturday when I played in the kitchen. Instead of a rectangular hazelnut cake I made these and even managed to take photos before we ate everything.

DAY 322 - books
I can't live without books - they really are my best friends.

DAY 321 - fence
It isn't a real fence - it's just the wall to one side of the above mentioned patio and it's made from wooden pieces for fences.

DAY 320 - uplifting
I find bright colours - yellows and oranges - and beautiful decorations uplifting no matter how dull a day is.

DAY 319 - nostalgic
I am not nostalgic about the past - I love my life as it is. It is nice to look at old photos - how young we were but life goes on and it's all right as it is.

DAY 318 - thoughtful
This is one of the most thoughtful presents I've ever got. I commented on this card of my fellow blogger, a lady who is extremely creative and nice. I met her only once in person as she lives in another part of the country. In my comment I said that I would hang such a card on the wall because it's so lovely and I didn't mean anything else - just that I love her work. She found my address and sent me the card for my birthday a few months later.

DAY 317 - refreshing
I don't like tidying and de-cluttering my craft corners or any corners in the house. When I manage to do it, it is a refreshing change.

DAY 316 - memories
 My memories are kept in a small cardboard box - I mean the few things that I really couldn't throw away. But one day I will make a huge Book of me - I will have to write a lot, I won't have much to paste into it.

DAY 315 - warm
Splodge blanket keeps me warm when I work on the computer  at home.

DAY 314 - ponder

This part of my craft room hasn't been tidied yet - there is too much pondering and not enough action.

DAY  313 - free choice
I am already looking forward to all the special Christmas cards that I will receive this year.

Thanks for reading the post and have a nice week.

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  1. great catch up, the cakes look too good to eat! I think a few of us have had problems with overloading blogger photo storage. I use flickr now thanks to Jen's advice. Your craft desk looks very productive :)

  2. Oh Wow, what a catch up. I really like your nostalgic photo.
    You can try photobucket for photo storage

  3. Wow a lovely read and some catch up, hopefully you can do a daily blog now?

    Missed you xxxx