torek, 27. november 2012

DAY 332 - worn

In our country the presents are brought by Saint Nicolas (6th December)and I hope he will remember me and bring me some new slippers. The right one is even more worn than the left one. (I still prefer showing you my worn slippers to showing you my worn face. These were the two words suggested by an online dictionary - worn clothes and worn face.)

DAY 331 - lonely

A few years ago I made about 30 angels from polymer clay in different colours. They were featured on the cover of our main craft magazine Unikat. I gave them to different people as gifts and the only one left must be  really lonely especially because it lives on my polymer clay craft desk which has been deserted for far too long - but that's life.
Thank you for your nice comments yesterday, I do hope to post quite often during the remaining weeks of the challenge.
Have a nice Tuesday,

4 komentarji:

  1. Poor lonely angel :9It is lovely xx

    Your slippers look just like mine but I have not asked for slippers this christmas!!:)

  2. That's a beautiful Angel. I have a tendency to hang on to my slippers even if they are worn !

  3. Yes, our slippers are worn, but they are warm and comfortable!
    The angel is beautiful!
    I congratulate you for that you have done and are doing now!