nedelja, 02. december 2012

DAY 337 - random asymmetrical

The other day I painted some stamped images using glitter water colours and found this broken mug for water. I painted it many years ago with Pebeo glass paints and markers. The design is free and asymmetrical.

DAY 336 - around the home

Well, I couldn't take any photos around the home yesterday because we went to St Andrew's fair in nearby Italy. It is our traditional family outing (2 hours by car) and we don't care if we buy anything or not - sometimes we are lucky to find some good shoes or clothes - but we always bring back pistachios, nocciolas (hazelnuts roasted in sugar), homemade coconut bars etc. We always get a little lost before getting there and it's great fun. I'm happy that three out of four daughters could make it.

DAY 335 - asymmetry in nature

Our neighbours' tree is very old and asymmetrical. I kept only the top branch in the photo because of electric wires. As you can see it is snowing quite heavily.

DAY 334 - debris
Almost all the debris on the lawn and in the garden is hidden under the snow.

DAY 333 - whole
I've been knitting and crocheting squares since springtime to cover the whole sofa and cushions. I've made quite a lot of squares but not nearly enough for the whole throw.

Have a nice week, Kristina

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  1. beautiful photos Kristina. You already have snow. Wow !!

  2. Great catch up and I love that jug!

  3. beautiful pictures and well done with the cushions

  4. Wonderful catch up. You are very talented. That mug is lovely and those crochet cushions and throw are a mazing.

  5. Lovely photos as always!
    Wish you a nice day!